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endura mass shake recipe
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Endura Mass Weight Gainer Shake Recipe – For Vegans!

Endura weight gainer is one of the popular mass gaining drink in India. I recently bought it from Amazon and thought to share with you my review and experience with the same. Today, in this post I am sharing a weight gain shake recipe with endura weight gain powder. You can check the review of endura mass weight gainer here. Let us now get into the recipe of my endura mass shake.

How To Take Mass Gain Shakes Without Milk?


As I am suffering from sinusitis, I thought to take a break from milk for a few weeks consecutively. That made me look for alternatives regarding how I can drink this weight gain product without compromising too much with the calories. Hence, I am sharing with you this particular recipe which calls for no milk! If you do not like the taste of milk, you do not have to skip or miss the drink now, but just try this recipe. I am telling you it tastes good and you’ll have no trouble in slurping it down. Also, I have used the banana which gives you just a subtle flavor that makes it easy again.

Ingredients Required for The Endura Mass Weight Gainer Shake:

  • Mini- Banana – 1 (If you like your shakes to be thick, you can use 2)
  • Sugar/honey – as per your taste
  • Coconut Milk – 1 glass
  • Endura Mass Weight Gainer – 2.5 Tbsps ( Read the instructions and add accordingly)


Method of Preparation: 

Take your blender, add the banana with sugar, Endura mass powder, and some coconut milk. Blend it smoothly and add the rest of the milk. Blend it again. 

Have it daily for best results.

This is how I prepare my endura mass shake. A detailed review is coming up soon. Wait for it.

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