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Equinox Mechanical Weighing Scale Review
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Equinox Mechanical Weighing Scale Review!

Got a new Fitness Companion – Equinox Mechanical Weighing Scale

If you are planning to buy a weighing scale for your family, you might possibly get into the dilemma of choosing between the mechanical one and the digital one. I have discussed it in my post – ‘Things you got to know about weighing scales’ here.
Today I am going to review my recent purchase from Amazon, that is a weighing scale from equinox. I was in search of a good mechanical weighing scale after having broken my old one. 
equinox weighing scale mechanical accurate results review
It reached me a few days before. Before getting into the post, let me tell you this is not a sponsored post – my review is honest. I hope this review will be helpful for you.

Price: I paid Rs. 925 but the MRP is Rs. 1195

Claims & Directions for Usage of Equinox Mechanical Weighing Scale: 

equinox weighing scale mechanical accurate results review

My Views of Equinox Mechanical Weighing Scale:-

Just like any other mechanical weighing scale, this one to had to be set to zero before you begin. The setting dial is so firm and that it makes easy to adjust the red mark to zero, even if it is a little bit more or less.

equinox weighing scale mechanical accurate results review
Coming to the results, I can say they are dependable and are mostly accurate. So the purpose of the scale is fulfilled well.  But see that you have placed both of your legs in the proper way.

Actually, the price is a little bit on the high side even though I bought it online due to the additional tax rates we have to pay these days.
The leg space available on the scale is less which is definitely a minus. The fabric on the scale has some texture to it (as you can see in the image). But, we get a kind of congested feeling when we are standing on it. One has to place their legs carefully without stamping on the screen so as to get the best results (results do vary with the slightest moves).

The body as you can see had a dark blue finish which has already started showing up some marks on it, which is something really bad to happen in just 3-4 days of usage. 
Overall, I would rate it 3 on 5. 

Go for it, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly weighing scale that gives you accurate results each time.

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