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healthy calorie snacks for weight gain
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3 Healthy High Calorie Snacks for Weight Gain!

Keep Munching On The Go –

3 Calorie-rich, Weight Gain Snacks List 

Let me admit it. Being a lazy person myself, the process of cooking can sometimes get in my way of having more meals during a day. If you’re like me and are looking for some easy and effective storable + on the go snacks, this post on some effective snacks for weight gain can be really helpful for you. 

Below are 3 easy & effective snack ideas which can be prepared in advance so that you can have it whenever your mind feels to do so. Personally, I stay away from ready-made store-bought products (those bakery items rarely have an effect on me – most of the times) as I am pretty much worried about the preservatives and other ingredients that go into the product. The snacks I share here can be prepared at your home by yourself and store it for a week or more.

High-Calorie Weight Gain Snacks List!

1. Peanut Butter Cookies- Peanut butter is so much rich in calories and protein so it would be a really good thing if you can prepare it and store it for later use.  

I highly recommend you to try preparing them at home so that you can substitute the all purpose flour with Wheat flour and make it healthy in every possible manner. 
2. Potato Chips – Potatoes are most people’s favorite. I haven’t met any, who dislike potatoes. They are again rich in calories. Store plenty of potato chips and eat mashed potatoes whenever you can. And of course, for an Indian version, you can always try Aloo Bujia ( ready-made product that is available in the market but you can make it at home too) 
3. Roasted chickpeas or Other nuts of your taste:-
Bake some cooked chickpeas in your oven with your favorite spices ( Garlic, Olive oil, Oregano…) and a yummy snack is ready!  Do keep an eye on it after every while so that it doesn’t burn. Try the roasted variety always so as to stay healthy.
Peanuts, almonds, walnuts can all be tried as well so as you don’t get bored with the taste.

These 3 really effective snacks for weight gain. 

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