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Will Water Make you Gain Weight? – My Experience!

Gain Weight, by Drinking Water!

Each of my new year resolution and the middle of the year resolutions will have one same thing in common. That is to drink plenty of water. Unless to drink plenty of water for 21 days, and make it as a habit there is definitely no way out.Dehydration is something worst. Without having enough water to function in your body,you will notice many symptoms of dehydration such as dark yellow pee, dry and cool skin, headache, muscle cramps etc.

Make sure to carry a bottle of water wherever you travel to. Staying hydrated will be one of the best things you can do to your body.

One of the easy ways to remind yourself of drinking water is to either keep a reminder in your mobile or to carry a water bottle with timeline. Both works. I would suggest to try both the methods and see what works for you.

Let me start with the question – “Do you believe in water will make you gain weight?” I have heard it from a few friends and relatives who are overweight that they gain weight even though they drink only water for days! That actually made me wonder in the past that how can it even happen! 

After I started with my water challenge, my sister suffered from kidney stones and the doctor suggested her to drink more water. After a week of doing so, when we met-she said me that it’s not a joke that overweight guys say they gain weight though they drink just water. When I heard it, I was like ” I can’t agree more, my dear!”
I am currently trying my level best to follow my dietician’s guidelines and gain a healthy weight! Wish me luck!
We have read it a couple of times before, to drink lots of water daily. But I am sure not many of us practice it in our life. 
So one fine day to be precise on Oct 1, I decided to make it a part of my life. 
Since then I have been taking 1.4 Litres of water daily from this bottle ( excluding tea and other glasses of water which I drink during my meal) and let me say the results are astonishing. So yes, it does help in gaining weight. 
The time before this challenge, I am such a lazy one to give enough attention to my body’s natural quench for water. I used to drink water only if I am thirsty or I am having my meals.
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How my Water Weight Gain Program went:- 

The first day was the toughest. That feeling of having lots of water is such a bad one. I was compelling myself to drink water and finish up the bottle. Next day was also similar. From the next day onwards my body got used to it. I could drink up the bottle without a bad feeling plus I could automatically finish up my bottle.
As it has to be, one has to visit the loom every now and then. Which basically detox our body. 
For the time being, I am here for announcing the results of my self-challenge which was ” Drink 2 liters for a week”!

What to expect with drinking Sufficient amount of Water daily:

These were the results I experienced myself: 
      1. You gain weight!
      1. Your body feels better!
    1. Your skin is hydrated! 
I gained almost 1.5 kilograms in a week drinking 1.4 Litres of water in excess of the normal beverages (tea, juices). So, to the answer, I asked you at the beginning of this post the answer is yes, water will make you gain weight!

After almost a week of training myself with sufficient amount of water intake, my body automatically craved for more water whenever I drank less of it (read – became a bit lazy to get it down).To see all the weight gain recipes and tips I have shared so far on this blog, please check out the archives page. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @skinnyzblog and see our stories + posts.

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Love you, sweethearts!

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