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South Indian Diet Plan for Weight Gain
Weight Gain Diet

South Indian Diet Plan for Weight Gain+ My Current Diet


I usually write all of my posts on this blog for women in general (though they are mutually adaptive by both the parties) though, I haven’t mentioned it anywhere on my blog yet. When we usually surf ‘weight gain’ on the internet, you can see there is a lot of gyms, a LOT of dairy products, a hunt for protein, greed for muscles and so on. 

After all, we have so fewer results for weight gain, it can be really frustrating to see the results when are women and you’ve not even thought of going to the gym for weight gain!

How to Gain Weight for Women:


indian diet plan for healthy weight gain women daily working regular

 Early Morning:

1 cup of milk/tea/coffee
With 5 biscuits/ a banana


3 Masala Dosas, Sambar and 2 tbsp. Coconut chutney
1 cup of tea/coffee


3-4 Roti’s with the curry of your choice ( Prefer veggies, Paneer, chickpeas, dal etc)
1 cup of tea/coffee


4-5 ladles of cooked rice with the *sidedishes of your choice. (You can include fish)

Drink enough water after 30 mins of your meal.

Evening: 6-7 Biscuits plus/or  1 Banana
1 cup of tea/coffee

2-3 Roti with vegetable/chicken curry and
Fruits of your choice.

My Current Weight Gain Diet:

Early morning:

I eat the exact same thing I have included in the diet for my early mornings. Sometimes, if I have no mood for the snacks I just avoid them and take the tea alone.

If you’re feeling nausea and having a bad time after you take this, try to include something else that works the best for you or restart the schedule after 2 or 3 days.

Morning: If you’re a South-Indian like me, I can say that 4 will be a good count of the breakfast items you can take. I mean, take 4 idlis, idiyappam/string noodles etc.

For things like dosa’s (the big varieties) I usually take 3 of them.

Lunch: I take rice on a daily basis. I eat 4-5 ladles of rice now. In the past, I use to eat only 3 ladles of rice. But today, I can see a huge heap on my plate. I include side-dishes like stir-fried veggies, fried egg/fish, vegetable/fish curries, etc.

Evening: I eat the same as per the diet above.

Dinner: For dinner, I consume somewhere around 3-4 ladles of rice only. Side-dishes will be mostly the same.

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