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How to Plan Your Weight Gain Journey!

How To Gain Weight?

Hello everyone,

In this post, I am noting down what you need to do once you have decided to gain weight. Though some people gain weight just like that, for most of us it is no less than a struggle. You would have even got confused about where to begin, having seen a number of things for weight gain. Hence, this post.

A little bit of planning before-hand helps you to be consistent in your weight gain journey. In the absence of a plan, one might lose the interest in weight gain in the middle of the journey, and the results till then would be of no use because even that is going to fade away in a few days. Also planning your weight gain journey helps to do not have a sudden weight gain.

I suggest you to follow the tips mentioned below and get the optimum results.

I get so many messages on Instagram about how badly they wanted to gain weight but are literally stuck with no ideas and are asking out for help. I thought of this post idea only then. If you’re someone who is on the same list, here is the comprehensive list of what to do while you’re planning for a weight gain journey.

how to plan a weight gain journey

Simple Steps to Start Gaining Weight 

1. You’ve to decide your ideal weight!

In this step, you’re deciding where is the destination of your journey. This also lets you decide whether you belong to the underweight category or in the normal weight

This step also can help you understand what should be your calorie requirements for a day!

You can read more about it here

2. Miracle Remedy!

I always suggest my readers start with miracle remedy that I often say as “The best way to kick-start your weight gain journey!”- the reason why I say that is because I have gained 3 pounds in a week with this remedy alone!

Yes! You hard it right. Just take your regular meals and consume this recipe daily for a week. See the results at the end of the week!

Check the link here

3. Introduce bananas into your diet, the next week.

I have done a 7-day weight gain challenge where I gained kgs in a week eating some amount of bananas daily. I chose baby bananas but you can choose any!

7-day WG challenges list here

Read my experience here

4. Start introducing changes to your current diet!

The most important and the crucial step of your journey will be this one. This is ultimately going to take your current appetite levels to a new(stable) level and if done the right way, you are DONE for life with your weight gain journey!

I’ve written so many posts regarding what had worked for me and what has not. But I suggest you read these two first!

Here are my dietician’s tips for me, which can REALLY help you!

Here are my tips on how I push myself to eat more food every day.

Make sure to drink sufficient water too. This is a MUST & brings such a change in your weight too. Read my real experience here

5. Follow up and Exercise:

Exercise helps in getting your muscles to settle on your body in the best way possible. Also, it stimulates your natural appetite and you’ll be good to go.

Try these simple exercises at the comforts of your home.

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