How to Eat More Food to Gain Weight?
how to eat more food to gain weight?
Weight Gain Routine

My Current Weight Update + Ridiculous Tips for a Struggling Weight Gainer!

How to Eat More Food When You Can’t Just Eat anymore!

I am giving you my current weight update and thought of having a little chat with you all. 

I have been trying to gain weight since a lot of months now, all though I have gained weight and stepped myself into a healthy weight stage honestly I am not 100% satisfied with the progress I have made so far( considering the time I have taken to make a progress). 

Though I have undertaken many weight gain CHALLENGES that shows results in just a week, I keep challenging myself to come up with new ideas so as to give my readers a NEW helpful post with the results showing the results of my new idea ALONE.  

But today, I am actually giving you the results of my recent food habit changes. 

My Current Weight Update:- 

Currently, I weigh 53 kilograms and a visible change is seen on my face that most of the people notices it and comments on it. Also, I can see my arms (where I most often complain about not showing any results) has also gained a few muscles. 
Considering the food habits that actually made this change to me, I have been trying to take a portion MORE of what I used to have. 
If I have to say, how my food proportion roughly looks like these days…is like, When I used to have 3 of my Idli’s in the past I eat 4-5 these days. When I take 3 ladles of rice in the past, I eat around 5-6 ladle of it now. 
This has been repeated for a month for today. 

How tough was my weight gain journey so far:- 

  • It is a casual weight gain advice that you should eat more food than what you usually take in order to increase weight. It might sound simple but for every skinny out there, I can understand it is tough. 
  • Usually, we say, increase your food proportions slowly. But what I recommend and what I myself did was to eat the maximum from the beginning phase itself. 
  • Honestly, I had nausea feeling many times because my stomach is not used to this much of food intake in a go! Neither was my mind. One thing that I suggest is to be ready to VOMIT. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to vomit after you eat your food but rather you should conquer your mind with the ‘willingness to vomit’ by taking more food. 
Trust me when I say, I have paused my food to never resume again in the past many times- just because of nausea! After the above-said ideas, I made the following changes:-
  • I finished my plate which had more food than ever before. 
  • I had the confidence to eat more food and challenge nausea, every single time.
  • My stomach demands more food naturally, NOW. I take the above proportion of food automatically with no compulsion to myself and not just that, my appetite has improved a lot. ( YOU GOT TO REALLY TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THIS)
  • So, if you have a severe lack of appetite – you can try THESE remedies and if you have moderate to low level of loss of appetite, JUST EAT MORE.

How To Get Yourself To Eat More Food? ( Those things which I tried myself for a month now) 

  • As said above, conquer the fake nausea sensations.
  • Serve more food on your plate and finish it up.
  • The minute you feel you are FULL and can’t take more, ‘DRINK YOUR FOOD’. -Get a glass of water. Chew your food and drink it down. 
  • If you do not like the feeling of eating food, try to engage in a co-activity like reading a book, watch your favorite show etc. 
  • If all the above things don’t seem to work for you, divide your big meal into small portions and then have it at different timings during a day. 
I hope the above-mentioned things were helpful for you! Do let me know me know in the comments – if you have got to ask something.
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