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My 30 Days Squats Challenge: Announcement

Hey everyone,

This is the first time I am doing any kind of an exercise challenge. If you’ve been following my blog you would understand how excited I am when it comes to sharing my results after a 7-day weight gain challenge. If you’re a newbie here and is having no idea about what I am talking about, then you got to check out these posts for sure. So in this post, I’m here to announce my 30 days squat challenge with you all.

A squat basically means to crouch or sit with one’s knees bent. I have mentioned about the same in one of my previous posts where I talked about weight gain exercises to try at home in under 30 minutes. Squats are said to help you build leg muscles and it also promotes body-wide muscle building! Thus it can help both the upper and the lower body strength!

So starting from tomorrow, I.e, 20th of January onwards I am going to follow a particular routine for 30 days! I came across this particular 30-day squats challenge on Pinterest or Facebook and saved it immediately on my phone. There are plenty of other squats challenges too and you can choose from any. However, I found this one for me from others 🙂

Squats also help in toning your overall body muscles. Let us see how it goes! I have already taken my image now to track the progress. If you want to join me with the challenge, let us hold our hands together! The best part is that you can do squats irrespective of whether you are on a weight gain journey or a weight loss journey.

Update after 2 days of trying out the above plan: 

Literally, I feel like I did a mistake by trying to reach the highest branch in the first attempt without stepping on to the lowest step. I had severe leg ache after my first attempt itself that I was unable to walk. So, I changed my plan and decided to settle with this one ?

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  • Maria

    I’m waiting for your results. I think i will try this.. because i need 5 kg but it’s hard to gain one 🙁

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