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Get Fit with the Top Bloggers- Part 5- Shivangi Yadav

Shivangi Yadav Fitness Tips

Hey all,

Today we have Shivangi Yadav to share her fitness regime with us.

Shivangi Yadav, a fashion blogger and a social media influencer who is basically from Lucknow but currently resides in Delhi, is currently pursuing her graduation in fashion designing. She has a huge passion for fashion and dressing up! And today’s post is about her fitness secrets.

She has a huge sense of styling up her dress and great a fab outfit out of it.

In her own words, this exactly is fashion for her.

“My style philosophy is having fun and being confident in my clothes. You can say I am a ‘Chameleon’ because one day I am dressed up like a Disney Princess and the other day, a Tomboy. I try to create casual high street fashion style that you can wear everyday. And always remember its not about body type and complexion, its only about PERSONALITY and FASHION.”

If you’ve checked the previous posts in the Get Fit with Top Bloggers Series, you can see that Shivangi is the one who has been on a little more heavy but I really appreciate the fact that she was ready to talk about her fitness and health to us. Trust me, I have tried to reach out a number of bloggers and either they do not respond or they disclose their puzzle thoughts in writing down the answers to the questions.

Ultimately, it is … ‘you- yourself who decides who you are!’ And hats off to Shivangi for this post! Thanks a lot, dear.

To know more about Shivangi, check her fashion blog fashionmirror to see her lookbook and product reviews. Also, don’t forget to check out her Instagram profile here.

Now, let us see how her typical day looks like and her fitness regime.

1) What’s your height and weight?

— Height: 5.2″ & Weight: 54 Kgs

2)Are you happy with your current weight? Do you wish any pounds to get extra or minus?

— I want to lose around 5 – 8 kgs. But I am happy with my health.

3)Are you skeptical about your daily diet? And is there any foods do you purposefully avoid?

— Nope, I eat everything but I prefer less of non-veg.

4) What do you eat in a typical day?

— 2 Chapati, Curd, Sabzi. In the evening some snacks or noodles.

5) What is your most preferred snack?

— Momos, Chips and fruit cake

6) What is your favorite dessert?

— Ice cream, Gulab Jamun

7) Is there any supplement you take on a regular basis?

— I don’t take any supplement on the regular basis.

8) Do you have any advice/suggestions for managing proper weight?

— I would want just to suggest everyone that we should try to follow proper diet chart so that it doesn’t allow excess fat to store in the body.

I hope this post and the entire series proved helpful to you. And I am also sharing you the fact that, this will be the last post in this series ? But, I hope to bring in more interesting series that literally glues you! Until then, don’t forget to check the other posts in the series if you haven’t done yet!

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