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Get Fit With The Top Bloggers Series – Part 3- Bhaeravi Sharma

Bhaeravi Sharma Fitness Tips

Hey everyone,

Once again, I’m here to continue with the fitness secrets of top bloggers/vloggers! Today, we have Bhaeravi Sharma from supermakeupattitude1. She manages yet another channel called MyIndianLide too. I guess being a part of a cabin crew, gives her more reasons to stay focused with her fitness regime. Do check out her YouTube channel for she has one such channel that NOT just talks about makeup! I loved her enthusiasm in all the videos and that shows how well she is into her business.

Here is her fitness secrets and favorite choices..

1) What’s your height and weight?

— Height – 5″4 & Weight – 53 kilograms

2) Are you happy with your current weight? Do you wish any pounds to get extra or minus?

— Absolutely! I would love to tone my body a bit but weight is not part of my concerns.

3)Are you skeptical about your daily diet? And is there any foods do you purposefully avoid? 

–No, I’m not skeptical about my daily diet however yes i avoid junk food,too much sugar & salt on purpose

4) What do you eat in a typical day? 

— I usually start with a heavy breakfast that includes sprouts,fruits,milk,cereals and some bread.

For lunch- its usually a daal, 3 rotis without ghee & sabzi with salad & papad & the same for dinner.

In the evening I have milk and I keep having fruits or carrots as daytime snacks in between meals.

5) What is your most preferred snack?

— Carrots, fruits & cucumbers – they fill you up and are super healthy!

6) What are your favourite desserts?

–Favorite desserts would be macaroons & rasmalai!

7) Is there any supplement you take on a regular basis?


8) Do you have any advice/suggestions for managing proper weight?

— If you cut off aerated drinks & junk food. Half the job is done. After that you just need to keep track of how much extra sugar and salt you are taking in, in the form of chips or sugar in your milk,etc.

I hope the above answers gave you enough motivation to get into a healthy fitness track. Thanks a lot, Bhaeravi!? Wish you all the success from the bottom of our heart 🙂

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  • Yash Rajyaguru

    Hi Ma’am I saw your Fitness blog and it inspired me a lot.After I completed reading the whole blog,to my surprise I found that I was doing nothing of this sort.I got inspired from this and yes would surely try my best attempts to increase my fitness.Really an informative one.Thumbs up??

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