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Waiting For My Apetamin: My Reasons to Try Apetamin + Expectations!

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are in the pink of your health. I have been in the full swing of reaching my weight gain target by March, this year. But sadly, my body was demanding a solution to a particular issue. And I am going to address this issue in detail and what was the solution that I came up with, in the expectation of giving me the results! When I started my blog in the last year, from then onwards I have been having to come across a lot of skinny’s trying out Apetamin and vouching about it for it really helped them gain weight store effectively.

In case, if you do not know what Apetamin is, it is a multivitamin syrup which acts as an appetite stimulant besides solving allergic issues.

I was not giving any attention to Apetamin till then for mainly these three reasons.

1) I thought Apetamin Multivitamin syrup was a foreign product. With many Africans, Americans trying out the product and not seeing any Indians trying out the same, this was my first apprehension! The price was over 15 dollars so I skipped the idea of trying to buy it online as well. But I discussed with my peers in Dubai to know about the product. But none of them found it.

2) I thought that the medicine BY ITSELF, was responsible for giving such tremendous results and it actually scared me.

3) I believed it is nowhere available in India. ( Update 2019- I usually get to see the readers too saying the exact same thing to me)

Why I started doing fare research on Apetamin recently:

I had an absolute absence of appetite. I’m actually stressed like anything these days that I feel no appetite at all. I didn’t want myself to lose my weight further. So it hit me like a rock. “Do something about it, NOW!”

What I came to know about Apetamin, then! 

I understood that I’m completely wrong about this syrup. First of all, it worked in such a natural way to gain weight. All it basically does is that it increases your appetite and your body will automatically crave for more food in 2 days of starting to use Apetamin syrup.

However, it had certain side effects which are said to be settled down by itself in a few days of using this syrup. It can likely cause fatigue, drowsiness, nausea and so on. But don’t worry as it gets subsided soon.

Where to find Apetamin, in India?

And I started surfing on Apetamin, and it off curiosity I just typed in ‘where is Apetamin Multivitamin syrup made in’? And to my utter surprise, came the results. Made in India! From the next day onwards, I made my dad go hunt for the product. But most of the local pharmacies didn’t have it.


I started checking online for the product. It costs around Rs. 91 I.e, just 1.42 dollars approximately!

Most of the online medical stores did have Apetamin on stock but they asked for the doctor’s prescription, besides having additional shipping charges and a mere increase in the market price too.

And on the third or fourth day of my hunt online, I found it on a website which asked for no prescription. I had to pay ₹85 for shipping charges but still, I decided to purchase it.

My expectations with Apetamin! 

Currently, my bottle of Apetamin is its way to reach my home. Hopefully, I will get it in a day or two! I’m looking forward to making my weight at least 53 kgs with a bottle of Apetamin. I heard a bottle of Apetamin lasts for about a week. And the best part is that it starts showing results in a week!

I seriously pray to God that the syrup isn’t tangy and tough to get through my throat. Or else, the syrup will be untouched for its rest of the life.

Fingers crossed for the results!

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