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weight gain journey
My Weight Gain Journey

Why is my WG Journey Taking So Long? + Important Blog & Weight Updates 

Hey everyone,

I thought to do a chit chat blog today. I actually love talking to you at least once in a while. I messed up with the uploading schedule a bit as I was seriously down from nausea and headache since the last 3 days. Coming to the post, I thought of noting down the reasons why my weight gain journey is so slow. I guess this post would be sufficient enough to answer a reader’s thought of why is my WG journey so long? You can read more about my weight gain journey here. I assure you, if you’re highly motivated to keep up with the weight gain journey, a maximum of 3 months would be good enough to reach your goals.

My Reasons for a Slow Weight Gain Journey:-

1) Last day, I received a message from a reader – Afreen. She texted me how my blog has helped her. And she said that my miracle weight gain remedy has helped her gain 1 kilogram in a week!

That was exactly what I wanted. I want that kind of remedies which would genuinely help my readers just as it did to me. Hence, I am in a constant research to try out new things to see what works and what doesn’t. And yes, I am experimenting with my own body before I talk about anything on the blog! So it takes TIME.

2) I planned on doing a series of things or remedies which are popular on Pinterest and other media’s – just to give an assurance to my readers regarding whether to skip or to go for these remedies. But at the end, I felt doing things on my own is better! There are tons of weight gain remedies on the internet that DOESN’T work! Sad but true.

Weight + Blog updates:

Of late, there have been too many low points in life and I was feeling unexceptionally down due to all these. I am trying my best to keep up the spirit and stay happy in life. Hopefully, everything gets sorted soon this year. And due to all this mess and my poor eating habits, I have lost a few kilograms 🙁 It further took me to the Apetamin syrup and after doing decent research on the same, I decided to give it a try and review it on my blog. More on that in the post coming up soon. I am trying my level best to have more portion of food NOW.

Also, I have also decided to do a 30-day squats challenge as I have come across the same on a Facebook group. I will make the official announcement and will be posting the final results after the due time. This will be the BEST motivation for everybody on a weight gain track who thinks exercise is for losing weight.

Regarding the blog, I am busy trying to keep up with my blogging schedule, that is new posts every Tuesday and Friday! Hence, make SURE to check the blog these two days.

I am also thinking of bringing a few other categories to our blog as well. Though I haven’t made a final decision on that 🙂

I hope you understood the points I tried to disclose through this post. Love.

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