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Get Fit with the Top Vloggers – Part 4- Komal Gudan

Hey all,

Today’s Get Fit Series is with the famous YouTuber Komal Gudan from Super Style Tips. I am a great fan of her and her videos, that I have always wondered how glowing does she looks, how beautiful her hair is, and how fit does she looks! I’m truly an admirer of her and if you haven’t checked out her videos, I seriously request you to watch them and you won’t regret it. She talks about great beauty tips, beauty hacks, DIY’s, makeup tutorials, haul videos etc.
Let us now get into her regular fitness regime. She publishes her vlogs at SuperKomalVlogs too. Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram and Facebook as well.

superstyletips- komal gudan

Now, Let us get into her favorite choices and fitness regime.

1) What’s your height and weight?

— 5’4 & 55 kg

2)Are you happy with your current weight? Do you wish any pounds to get extra or minus?

–Very happy with how I look at the present.

3)Are you skeptical about your daily diet? And is there any foods do you purposefully avoid?

–Nothing as such

4) What do you eat in a typical day?

— I usually skip on my breakfast part, after taking regular tea with some salted biscuits in the morning, directly go for a heavy lunch which mainly has 2 roti ( whole wheat fulka) with some dry vegetables. Some salad and most of the time fruit custard. Dinner is mostly daal with medium size plate full of rice and 1 roti & full of green salad at night.

5) What is your most preferred snack?

–French fries,  mainly anything  made out of potato ?

6) What is your favourite dessert?

–Yellow Ras Malai with small Rasgullas in it. Baked malpua and couple of things more ( I love sweets a lot ) ?

7) Is there any supplement you take on a regular basis?


8) Do you have any advice/suggestions for managing proper weight?

–Umm well totally depends on how a person takes care of his or her health and what their definition is for health.For me it’s all about eating healthy and staying healthier.

Despite her busy schedule, Komal took efforts to share her answers with us. And thanks a bunch for that, dear. Lots of love.


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