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weight gain questions solved common
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You & Me – Weight Gain QnA Series – Part 1

 Common Weight Gain Questions Solved!

Hello everyone,

I am answering your queries today. I thought of doing such a post because many times I receive a query which is very much repetitive or common in nature. And most times, I revert them with a very comprehensive reply. But at times, when I am not in the right mood or something I feel myself not ‘fully’ satisfied with the answer I give. Hence, this post and I hope this helps both of us:).

Also read other answers as well, because I am sure they will definitely help you!!

Now, let us jump straight into the questions!

Q. Sana, does drinking water before bedtime really helps in gaining weight overnight?

Ans– Honestly speaking, it doesn’t.

If you decide to check your weight now and drink a liter of water and then check your weight again, you will be able to find a difference! If you’re using a mechanical weighing scale, this can even add – close to 0.5 kgs.

But, if you do that at night and checks your weight after you woke up in the morning you might have lost the 0.5 kgs. It’s because your body has lost the water content for breathing, sweating etc.

The good news is that if you decide to do that every day, it CAN increase your weight! You may read more about it here.

Ishwarya asks…
#Hello, my height is 5’7 and I am 50 in weight. I need to gain weight. Still how much should I gain? Can u please tell me which kind of food should I take to gain weight?

Sana Shafeeque asks…
Hii…  I am 25 yrs old… height 5’3 weight 40 kg.?  Plz, help me…  I want to gain weight. But how…? For me it is impossible ?

Ans— This is one of the most common messages I receive.

First of all, it’s a great thing that you both have decided that you need to do something about managing your weight. Both of you, are severely underweight.

You HAVE to concentrate on ‘entering’ into the healthy weight zone as your first goal. For this, you have to do the following:
1) Find your ideal weight. – This is the measurement you SHOULD weigh for your height and age. For that check your BMI online. Just Google ‘ check BMI’. I have written a detailed post on it here– so please read it.

2) Set a goal – If your BMI result shows you’re severely underweight, then your primary goal should be to enter into healthy weight zone i.e, the BMI should be above 18.5. This way your goals are pretty sorted out.

3) Start using my miracle remedy- 
This is a two-ingredient recipe which has helped me gain 1.5 kilograms in a week! Yes, you read that right. I often get messages on Instagram from my readers saying that it worked for them ?

Check the miracle remedy for fast weight gain here.

The main reason why I ask you all to start with this remedy is that it can give you the results in 7 days. That should be enough motivation for you to stay on this weight gain journey.

4) Try these 7-day challenges in the coming weeks!
Try this Banana challenge and the list of other 7 days challenge.

5) Start bringing necessary changes to your diet. 
Read my dietician’s tips for natural and healthy weight gain here.


_.r_.rt._ asks

Hi there, I am a hostelite. Are there any tips for weight gain?

Ans– Another common query 🙂 Being in a hostel is a different thing. Your menu is restricted and the facilities you’re provided with is what makes it even more crucial. I have been a hosteler myself and I can totally relate to your worry!

Please read this post where I have mentioned every tip that I can imagine when it comes to gaining weight in the hostel!

Dhoni asks..
How can I eat more to achieve caloric surplus? Most of the days I need to force myself to eat.. how can I increase my appetite..I am gymming for 4 days in a week.

— Hi Dhoni, your question is something which is very relatable to every other hard gainer. If you truly feel like you’ve lost the appetite, then please go to a doctor ( preferably a dietician itself) and ask him/her to prescribe a tablet/syrup which can boost your appetite. I personally use APETAMIN Syrup but I will hopefully turn up to a doctor super soon. It is ALWAYS better to get your medicines prescribed for you by a doctor 🙂

And for caloric surplus, download fitness apps like fitness pal or food app. That helps you track your daily calorie intakes and this app, together with the appetite booster will give you the result ?

Dilshustar asks..
How much time I have to wait before doing my workout session after eating. As I have to do workouts regularly as prescribed by my doctor as it helps with the appetite.

— Always give at least 2 hours time before workout after your meal.

Whenever I gain weight I tend to gain a lot of it on my tummy region only. This looks ugly being a girl (and is unhealthy too). Is there any way to distribute the gained fat/body mass throughout the body?

— Yes and No. I guess for most of us the weight readily goes to the tummy at first. I understand it is irritating but the only thing you can do about it is to EXERCISE! Crunches are the best way to help with the belly fat. So do them at least 10 times every day when you’re eating in the surplus from now. Unfortunately, there’s no way we can target weight gain for particular areas 🙂


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