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3 Most Common Troubles in Gaining a Healthy Weight & their Practical Solutions:-

3 Most Common Weight Gain Issues!

Her everyone,

Each one of us here wants to gain an effective weight.

I often receive mails and messages from you on how difficult the struggle for gaining weight is for you. And of the issues they put forward, these are 3 most common problems. I thought to address them right on a blog post so that most of you can understand their concern and find the solution themselves. I hope this turns out to be helpful for you.

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It is really tough to gain a ‘healthy’ weight especially if you’re not motivated enough to stay on the track and the results are not consistent as well. So today, I thought to address some of the most common troubles to gain weight and the ways to get out of them.

1. Lack of appetite: Once you are in a long-term relationship with the act of leaving home without breakfast, your body will be used to it and that’s become a habit. Since then even if you want to have a great portion of food for breakfast, you might probably have to compel yourself into it. This causes a no appetite situation which most of us can easily relate to. Isn’t it?

As a solution, I suggest using home remedies in the initial stages. You can check out a list here. If that doesn’t seem to help you in the long run, check with your doctor and ASK him to prescribe you something that can increase your appetite fast. I truly regret not demanding this to my doctor 😉

I take Apetamin now. You can read more about it here.

2Lack of motivation: A yet another reason for why most of us still remain skinny is lack of motivation. We don’t mostly show the heart to listen to the body’s frequent warnings. Also, it is really important to be consistent with your eating habits. Don’t be in a hurry to see results after 2 days! Trust me, those gains will disappear overnight once you return to your previous menu.

Believe me, it is a great feeling to see yourself grow. Remember you LIVE in your body and should definitely take care of your home 🙂 DO IT ASAP.

3. Fast Metabolism: I believe there are many people who consider themselves to have a fast metabolism. It is said that fast metabolism isn’t a common problem as such! But I can hear many underweight people saying “I have a fast metabolism and that’s why I don’t gain any weight”.

First of all, I highly suggest you read this post for reasons ‘why you do not gain any weight’.

And if you still think you have this issue please follow this process.

    • Note down everything you eat with the number and other details for a week.
    • Also, note your initial weight on empty stomach of the starting day.
    • Make it a habit to check your weight every day and note it down as well. Here are a few things you should know about your weighing scale.
  • Make sure to eat your MAXIMUM each day!

Something like this:


1. Tea + biscuits
2. Masala Dosa + Coconut Chutney : 3 no.s

  • Once you’ve noted them down for a week,  review your weight and your food intake of that particular day and check if there’s a deviation.

The best (and in fact, the only) way to overcome fast metabolism is to EAAAT more! I am sorry but you need to do this to get rid of it. However, you may check with your doctor for helping you with this.

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Love you, sweethearts!

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