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Weight Gain Routine

Natural Remedies for Weight Gain + Step 1 of my WG Journey !

Natural Remedies to Gain Weight

Hello everyone,

We have plenty of ways to gain weight and the evidences are the number of weight gain products that are in the market. This includes both the natural and artificial ways to gain weight. Even with the popular Apetamin Syrup for weight gain many of us are skeptical about its usage due to its chemical composition and the thought that it can lead us to severe health problems in the future. As I too had the same thoughts before, I can relate to my readers query regarding this very same thing.

There is no doubt over the fact that natural products and remedies are always the best, be it for weight gain or any other things. Be it regarding health matters or anything else.

I thought of doing this post when I got bored with my studies for my exam. If you’re following me on Instagram@skinnyzblog, you would have understood that I was having continuous exams until 21st starting from 16th Feb. I got literally screwed by this exam schedule but there’s no way than to abide by the rules. Sad fact!?

As I posted in my previous post, I am going to follow a strict routine to get my weight gain goals achieved by the end of March.

So, as a first step – I’ve decided to start treating the root cause of the main problem in gaining weight. And for me, it is lack of appetite. Luckily, I don’t suffer from a fast metabolism rate.

For treating my lack of appetite, I am planning to use either/both of these two products. The first is Apetamin Syrup, an allopathic drug that is known to stimulate appetite and thus helps in increasing your meal intake.

N.B: I am not a medical professional to recommend you this syrup, it is highly recommended to check with your doctor. He/she can prescribe the best medicines for you.

The highlight of this post is going to be the second remedy. It is a completely ayurvedic remedy and I hope to stay with this as well due to the safe nature of this product. It is called ‘hinguvachadi choornam’ in Kerala. A purely ayurvedic preparation which uses asafetida as its main ingredient. I tried it twice or thrice before, and I have to say that this works pretty good for a natural product.


And one more reason to try this product is that it costs cheap Rs.10 for a sachet of 10 grams and the instructions are very easy to follow. You can take it in multiple ways say you can mix it with water, buttermilk or honey. Anything that you prefer and works for your taste buds. One thing I have to say is that this hinguvachadi choorna can be used to cure several other ailments as well, treating appetite is one among that. You may search for the other benefits online.

Also, do not forget to check out the list of appetite increasing remedies below:

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And that was my primary goal in my stage #2 to gain weight –

To increase my appetite naturally so that it doesn’t feel like skipping any meal of the day. Very HONESTLY, one thing that I felt helping from past experience is to wake up early! Yes, the early you rise, the better for your appetite. Another funny thing I found is that the more you eat, the more hunger you have. Don’t believe me? At least for me, it works this way! Try it out yourself and see the results of these remedies for weight gain ?

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