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Say 'No' to Body Shaming skinny body shaming
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Say ‘No’ to Body Shaming + My Weird Experiences!

What is Body Shaming?

Hello everyone,

If you have ever had an experience of bodyshaming in life, you will know how badly it affects your confidence and health. Being skinny from most of my childhood, I have been taunted with the bad words from my relatives. Friends weren’t much hurting those days. But not really now.

There will always be people to judge you. Those people who considers themselves to be perfect will have the guts to shout out the bad words on you, whom they feel is imperfect. Do not fall for the crap trap!

The only way to get something positive out of bodyshaming is to take it as a motivation.

I have been procrastinating on this post but I strongly feel it should not go far beyond today. I’m talking about another easy to practice – evil ‘event’ of our society called body shaming. Yes, I am a victim of it and I feel the urge to open up my mind and let my thoughts flow. I will be talking about my experience of ‘skinny body-shaming’.
This post is in collaboration with Shyma Habeeb of desert rose journals and her campaign against body shaming with the hashtag #ifreemyself.
As you can read from the title of my blog, I am skinny and I have honestly been stoned everywhere for that particular reason. The practice of body shaming does not end anywhere and you are visibly into it – no matter whether you are in your home, you are in a function, you are in your college, you are taking your driving classes etc. Imagine a place where you have several other people, body shaming is quite revealing there. While it’s done as a way to pass time for some, I truly believe some of them are real sadists. Here are the instances where I had to suffer from this evil practice called the body shaming.

My Experiences with Body-shaming?

Case 1: When I went for my driving classes:
Two of the senior ladies called me in and asked ” Girl… don’t you eat anything at home?”
My heart instantly felt heavy. I didn’t say a word in return. I let my eyes and face speak for me instead. Little did they know – I was struggling with my weight and I was taking every single step to increase my appetite which I’ve lost forever during my hostel days 🙁
Case 2: When relatives visit you at home:
“I remember how chubby you were in your childhood and just look at you, now!” Why are you not gaining any weight? You’ve been staying in your home for a year now.
– I just had a single thing ( to say myself) – I don’t have my appetite anymore.
Case 3: When I was in my college
My professor saw me leaving for washing my hands for lunch along with my other classmates ( mostly male again!) I was one of his favorite students and it hurt me more than anything to hear something like this from him. He said to my female best friend – “Hey, make sure you feed her food properly! She’ll fly away if a strong wind hits “
And now, the BEST one!
A close Family member said that ‘she doesn’t know where ALL the stuff I eat goes to!’ She was saying that I eat a lot (she comes roughly twice in a year to our home!) and it wonders her how I do not weigh enough! So much of ‘concern’ for me!
Many of you must have got skinny body-shamed at some point in your life. I still do not know about the best way of handling of body-shaming. But I wholeheartedly ask you to “stop it, and protest against it” if you practice it yourself or see someone doing it! You NEVER know what they are going through. Let us spread smiles instead of frowns ?

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Love you, sweethearts!

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