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The Essential Grocery List for a Healthy Weight Gain!

Weight Gain Grocery List 

Hey everyone,

Weight gain is as difficult as weight loss for many of us. When some of us are still capable of increasing our food intake with the current menu of our home, there are still a good number of people who don’t know what to eat and in what quantities to eat for weight gain. So today, we are going to discuss the grocery list for weight gain.

Healthy Weight Gain Grocery List +My favorite ways to Have them:

1) Lentils & Chickpeas

One cup of cooked Lentils has 230 calories in it. One cup serving of chickpea contains 268 calories in it.

I personally love this Lentil soup and I am thankful for the added calories it adds up. Also, here’s my favorite chickpea salad recipe.

2) Eggs

Including eggs daily to your diet can help you gain weight really fast and easy. One egg has 72 calories in it. Also, they are a rich source of protein. Make omelets, egg muffins, feel free to use on pancakes, other batters, dough etc.

3) Banana

We can’t generally miss on banana if you’re serious about weight gain(unless you hate them wholeheartedly). A medium banana has 105 calories in it and 27 grams of carbohydrates.

Tip: Do not buy in large quantities initially or else you may have to throw them at the end. Here’s my favorite banana omelet recipe.

4) Peanuts / Peanut Butter

A handful of peanuts have 166 calories in it. Instead of buying unhealthy peanut Butter from supermarkets, buy peanuts and make peanut Butter at home. 1 tbsp of it has 200 calories in it. Use it everywhere possible and it is a really quick way to gain weight by summing up a lot of calories in just a tablespoon. I love making no bake peanut Butter chocolate bars and Peanut Butter cookies.

5) Milk & Milk Products
Buy milk, cheese, Butter, ghee, fresh cream, buttermilk, cottage cheese, ice cream etc. Using milk and milk products daily in your diet can easily add the calories and give you a calorie surplus.

I’ve already done a post on the list of dairy products I use in my diet to gain weight.

6) Almonds:

19 almonds have 100 calories in it. Always have a handful of it as it is and then add it to other dishes as a topping or something. I love almond halwa, almond kheer, almond milk etc. You can also use hazelnuts, cashew nuts etc in your regular diet.

7) Potatoes:

One medium-sized potato has 110 calories in it. Being so starchy and rich in carbohydrates, it makes a perfect dish for everyone who wants to gain weight. Make potato mashes, potato chips, baked wedges etc.

8) Sweet Corn Kernels

Sweet corn has 133 calories per cup in it. Make sweet corn patties, or prepare the easiest but corn in your home by simply adding butter, corn, pepper, and salt on low flame for 2-3 minutes. is.

9) Rice 
A cup of white rice has 200 calories in it.

Try using rice for at least twice a week and you’ll start seeing the results. I personally love to prepare fried rice with chicken/shrimps and lots of veggies and enough seasoning.

10) Apples 

A medium sized apple has less than 100 calories in it. And the best way to eat an apple for you is to dip a slice of it in Peanut Butter! Add some chocolate, and a scoop of ice cream and blend it to a smooth milkshake as well.

11) Dried Fruits
Buy dried apricots – 1/4 cup has 78 calories, black raisins-100 g has 249 calories, dried figs etc and have it throughout the day.

12) Avocados
1 medium avocados have 250 calories in it and are the best eaten as guacamole or using them for your salad! Not to forget, you can make milkshakes too.

13) Oats/Granola

Half a cup of oats has 150 calories in it and granolas have 210 calories per 100 gm. Start your day with oats cooked in milk or have it as a snack, fry or bake chicken pieces, shrimps etc dipped in oats or you can bake oats cookies!

You can even prepare vegan oats milk at home.

14) Chocolates

100 grams of Chocolates has 530 calories in it and having a generous bite of it will only help you get to your goals quickly. Choose from your favorite variety of white, dark or milk chocolates. But be alert on the sugar level!

15) Tuna

A cup of tuna has 179 calories in it.

Tuna fish is easily available in supermarkets in tin form. Cook it for your sandwich, make curry/dip for your bread/roti and you can even add it to your salad.

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