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Weight Gain Routine

Must Follow Weight Gain Tips+ My Real Experiences!

Top Tips for Weight Gain

Today, I am going to note down all the easy tips for gaining weight that one should definitely stick on with for the purpose of gaining a healthy weight. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you should have already learned all of them. If you are not yet following me on Instagram, today is a good day. Do it now, my handle is @skinnyzblog.

Here are the 4 Must-Follow Tips For Gaining Weight!

1. Do not skip any regular meal of the day!

The first thing to do when you decide to gain weight: take a PLEDGE that you won’t skip any meal of the days in future. ?

P.S: It might sound utter simple. But it is the MOST and basic foundation to gain weight. I will tell you the reasons.

? You’ll automatically have more calories in your system. So you’ll start gaining more weight.

? You’ll start looking forward to each of your meal knowingly or unknowingly. This paves the way for building a natural call of appetite.

? You’ll feel confident and motivated to look forward to your WG Journey.

? Thus, you are building a healthy habit!

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2. Have your meals on time! – Develop a strict time schedule for your meals.

If you keep changing your wakeup time and food time accordingly, trust me you’ll soon miss your appetite ?

And again, I’m telling you don’t take this as a silly thing. It DOES a lot of jobs to make your weight gain journey easier. ❤ I have personally experienced this fact and ever since I made a change in my lifestyle, my body works at its BEST!

The thing is that, when you take your meals late for a lot of days consecutively, your body just gets used to it. Since then you won’t get that ‘natural call’ for food just because your body doesn’t expect you to serve it in return.

So the #2 Must-Follow Weight Gain Tip is to HAVE YOUR MEALS ON TIME.

? Keep everything aside when it’s time for food.

? Don’t miss your food schedule. Get it right from the beginning itself.

?Plan your wakeup time, breakfast time, lunch time, snack time and dinner time. Follow this for a month and your body will soon start sending you the right signals at the right time! This makes your job so easy!

This does the following things:

?BUILD an appetite in your system.

? Works as an Automatic Reminder for you which tells you it’s time for food ( For the rest of your life!!!!!).

? Basically, it really helps to get a healthy weight naturally!

3. Develop a Work-Out routine!

I get texts from many of you asking if you should workout or not when you’re gaining weight. Personally, I don’t believe in it. With that, I mean if you’re underweight and wants to know if you should work out or not, I would say a NO.

Why because, you just don’t have to.
And I haven’t done that as well. ⏳During the initial stages, what you should really focus on are the two steps I have mentioned before. And once you have moved a little bit further with your ‘normal weight’ levels – only then start doing mild exercises. You may use the search bar of my blog “exercise” to see at home exercises that you can do. For me, work out is not just the ‘special’ exercises you do at home or a gym.

Do you want to know what works out so I do every week? It is mopping our home! Yes. And that works for too. Similarly, walking to your classes, running and those counts too. NOW, Working out at the right levels that suit you helps you to increase your appetite as well!

If you sit idle at home all the time, napping every now and then – your body doesn’t DEMAND by itself for food because the energy you already have would be found sufficient for itself to ‘function’ that way. Do you get my point? ☺

4. Be consistent!⏰

Being consistent is really important when it comes to gaining weight just as it is to losing weight. I personally have gained weight (from the remedies I share and the diet my dietician recommended) a lot of times, only to go back to my normal weight in a matter of few days (Where I am researching for the next working WG remedy). I am sure you can relate!

So, the next thing that you wanted to do is make sure you stick on to the diet regime& work out plans – UNTIL it becomes a part of your lifestyle. Yes…After a point, you’ll never have to compel yourself to have more food and you’ll never feel nauseated to food. Also, your body will demand food when it’s your meal time. ( It DOES! I’m talking from my experience) What can be better than these instances for a skinny?

As Mohammad Ali said ” I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” And, it is the TIME to do that ❤❤

P.S: I know ‘it’ all sounds cliche, BUT trust me they are the points that make a change in you helping to add more pounds to yourself. These are ideally called the best weight gain tips.

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