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10 Easy and Healthy Breakfasts for Weight Gain

Simple Breakfast Recipes for Weight Gain

Breakfast is the power shot for your one whole day. No, it is NOT an exaggerated line. As you know, when you go to your bed after dinner for sleep – your body is going to a fasting mode for 6-8 hours. That’s the reason why we call it breakfast for the first meal after you wake up! You should never ever miss your breakfast for it really does wonders in keeping you energetic throughout the day! If you’re the one who keeps juggling between work and home & has no time for a healthy breakfast preparation, this post is specially dedicated to you. In this post, I am sharing the recipes of some healthy breakfasts for weight gain.

Many of us would have asked this question to ourselves before: What to eat for breakfast, when you’ve no time for meal preparation?

I am giving you various options that I have in my mind right now.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Weight Gain

1. Oats and Nuts Porridge:

Cook some oats in milk, add sugar or honey to taste, top with some bananas and chopped almonds. Your good to go. Have a huge bowl approximately 2.5 cups of cooked oats. Accompany it with your favorite milkshake too.

2. Veggie Omelette

This requires some prior preparations if you’re in a hurry. If you have a chopper out a food processor at home then that works well as well. Chop or shred some veggies say carrots, cabbage, potato, and capsicum. Saute it in some oil, also add some pepper and salt, a little bit of vinegar or lime, a pinch of sugar, a small amount of soy sauce(optional). Now add the beaten eggs (take at least 3) over it (on a low flame) and arrange the veggies so that they are spread evenly in the Omelette, cover and cook for a few minutes. Flip and top with some cheese and butter! Yummy it is!

3. Granola or Muesli or Cornflakes:

When you’re running late for the day, simply add some readymade cornflakes, Muesli or Granola into a bowl pour some milk and add sweetness to your taste and your good to go. I have already shared a weight gain special Muesli recipe HERE.

4. French toast – You know the recipe, right? If not, add 2 -3 eggs in a bowl, sugar, vanilla extract(optional, but makes your dish yummy), and beat it out. Take some bread, dip it in this mixture and toast on medium flame in a buttered frying pan.

5. Banana Pancakes:

Blend 2 bananas, add some sugar, vanilla, 2 tablespoons of refined flour or maida, and pancakes from it.

6. Potato Cheese Sandwich

Plan ahead and store some mashed potatoes in your fridge. For the sandwich, simply add some spices – pepper, salt, little lemon juice, a tablespoon of butter, add some copies garlic if you prefer. Mix this REALLY well (you may add little milk or water to bring this to a spreadable consistency) and keep it aside. Now, toast the bread slices with some butter until slightly browned. Spread the potato mixture on the warm bread slice and place a cheese slice (you may use shredded mozzarella as an alternative) over it. Immediately top with a piece of warm toasted bread. Let it melt for a few seconds before you enjoy the goodness!

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7. Breakfast Replacement Filling Banana + Peanut Butter Milkshake:

For this recipe, all you need to do is take a blender, add some sliced bananas, some oats, some peanut butter, almonds, honey or sugar in milk and blend it till it is smooth. Quick it was, right?

8. Omelette Pizza

I forgot to share it’s a detailed recipe here. Okay, don’t worry here it is. It tastes absolutely delicious that you’ll keep making it.

All you’ve to do is,
Beat 3 eggs in a bowl, add salt and pepper, a pinch of oregano, 2 tablespoons of shredded mozzarella cheese or any other cheese you have, finely chopped tomato, finely chopped onions, finely chopped green chilly(optional). Mix it really well and pour this into a greased pan on a low-medium flame. Spread to a round shape. When it is half cooked, add some olives and top with lots of shredded mozzarella cheese. Cover with a lid and cook until all the cheese is nicely melted and the egg is cooked brown in the bottom. Serve hot with ketchup.

9. Cheesy Hashbrown with Eggs:

Shred some peeled potatoes on a grater and squeeze the juice out of it. In a bowl, add the 2 eggs, some salt and pepper powder, and a good amount of cheese. Finally, add the shredded and squeezed potatoes into it. Mix it really well and fry it like pancakes by pouring it over a greased ( you may use Butter for extra calories) non stick pan until both the sides are brown in color. It is yummy!

10. Bread Omelette:
For those who don’t know, this dish is the incorporation of both the Omelette and the Toasted Bread.

The preparation is so easy. Beat 2-3 eggs, some salt, chili powder, garam masala and mix it really really well until frothy. Now, place a pan on medium flame, add some butter and get 2 slices of bread lightly toasted. Remove it to a plate and pour the egg mixture on to the pan, immediately after you’ve poured the mixture place a bread gently on the left side and flip the bread. Take care not to make a hole in the Omelette ( the idea is to get the bread wet in the Omelette mixture so that both of its sides will have the egg coating). Place the other bread slice on the right side in a similar manner. Once the Omelette is cooked, flip it and cook the other side as well. Serve hot with ketchup.

Note: All the above recipes are compiled by myself and are my written down as per my taste buds. If you’re an Indian or not, do add the flavors you like and do not add anything you dislike into your dish. Your tastebuds make it easy for you to gain weight – so satisfy him the best ?

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