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How to Stay Motivated in Gaining Weight – My WG Journey: Step 2

Weight Gain Motivation

Hi everyone,

I received a mail yesterday and that was what that inspired me to do this post. It is also one of the common kind of queries that I receive. And the issue was nothing lack of motivation to gain weight. It is a truth that we know deep inside that we are looking skinny and we need to take efforts to gain weight. But ultimately when it comes to having food, you just don’t feel motivated or inspired to take it up as a challenge. So now, here is the only weight gain motivation tip you will ever need.

There can be quite a number of reasons for this issue and I have cited a few of them in one of my previous posts HERE. Do check out before you continue reading this post.

So, I want to tell you that if you have no motivation it is just as you have zero appetites. You just won’t have sufficient fuel to complete your weight gain journey, which is really bad.

The Ultimate Solution for lack of motivation to Gain weight:-

Okay, if you can call yourself a professional procrastinator then ‘this’ hack can be applied as and when to get things done at the right time. It is just a simple mind hack and costs you no money. All you have to do is, just when it hits your mind “to get something done” (Stage 1), the very next moment stand up and get it done!. I mean, do not give yourself the time for a second thought – which may further give you choices to decide upon ” if I should do it now or later?” (Stage 2).

So just Do NOT let yourself reach stage 2. This is very important.

The same case applies to your food habits. The moment you realize it’s time for food, pause everything that you’re doing and enjoy your meal.

As simple as that!

Try it and let me know how it worked as a weight gain motivation for you.

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  • thomassusan322

    Thanks for the inspiration. I have just started following these steps. Will tell you the result.

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