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10 Absolute Weight Gain – Meal Preparation Ideas You Must Know!

Easy Weight Gain Meal Preparation ideas!

Hello everyone,

For a lot of us, one of the biggest challenge to gain weight is to prepare healthy and tasty meals to eat through our weight gain journey. It might sound easy when I say eat regular times, take them on time etc and etc. But if you’re really occupied with a lot of other things (your work, college etc) it would be really tough to source good and tasty food.

I cannot miss starting on the importance of preparing meals at home especially for a long period. If you continue to depend on hotels, chances are that your health will start paying for a decision sooner or later. Never make this mistake. You can prepare meals at home easily. This post is the ultimate guide for that!

Simple Meal Preparation Ideas

1. Create a Week Plan Meal Menu!

This is done to ensure that you have got enough time to buy the groceries and other ingredients for cooking your meal. Also, it helps in planning in advance what has to be done prior to the day to help us save cooking time the next day or coming few days. Maintain three separate menu cards for the week as one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Breakfasts for the Week – 1 of January
Monday – Veggie Omelette
Tuesday – Cheese Sandwich
Wednesday – Muesli
Thursday – Hashbrowns
Friday- Aloo Paratha
Saturday – Chicken & Oats Porridge
Sunday – Egg Noodles with Veggies

1. It is like, if you’re going to have mashed potatoes tomorrow, you can buy the potatoes and other ingredients ready to be cooked tomorrow. Potatoes can be cooked and stored in the fridge and the next day you can make a bread sandwich or a filling for your roti etc.

2. Similarly, if you’re an Indian and you are eating rotis daily, then you can make the wheat flour dough already in the fridge and it can be used for up to 3 days. If you prepare it on Sundays and keep, you can use it till Wednesday.

If you want you can also pre-cook the flattened rotis slightly, store in the fridge and then just reheat the adequate number as and when you want.

3. Store grated Paneer (or Cheese) for Paneer paratha, and this can be used for adding more richness to your curries. You can also add more Butter to meals so that it tests, even more, yum and calorie-cious!

4. Indulge in some healthy desserts as well.
Desserts are an easy way to gain extra calories. Simply find the one that suits your taste buds, which does not have an overload of sugar, refined flour, and oil. One such option is besan halwa – which has chickpeas powder, ghee, and sugar as its base ingredients.

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5. Invest in a food processor.
A food processor is a great investment especially if you’re a really busy one. This can save a lot of your time in cutting the veggies, mixing the dough etc.

If you don’t want to invest in a food processor, then do some planning for the next day’s meals and prepare the veggies in advance and store them in an airtight container in the fridge.

6. Store the dairy products:
Do a little bit of planning on what all things you need to stock up on the dairy products. Milk, Yogurt, condensed milk, Butter, Ghee, and cheese are all going to be your good friends.

Always have a watch on their expiry dates too. And always see whether you can use these dairy products in your current meal plan. Eg: Add Butter to your sandwich, rice, and curries to bring in extra taste & flavor and fresh cream to your cup of coffee etc.

7. Buy some Dry fruits & Nuts to munch them up!

Snacking can have a great impact on your weight gain journey. Do NOT underestimate snacking. Invest in your favorite dry fruits and nuts, keep them in your backpack or handbag – have them whenever you feel bored or hungry.

Also, a great way to use them is to add a handful of it in your milkshakes to create a nutty flavor and taste + extra calories to your cup of drink.

8. Buy some bananas regularly and eat them regularly without a fail.

Bananas are one of the fastest remedies to gain weight. You can check my results after having them for just a week HERE. So, always have a stock of them and do not forget to use them before it goes overripe and waste. In case, you EVER have to miss a meal due to some unforeseen circumstances, simply have 1-2 large bananas 🙂

9. Pre-cook rice and store in your fridge.

Rice is a true friend for everyone who wants to gain weight. Try to have rice as at least one of your meals on a given day. To make the lunch and/or dinner easily, cook them in advance and store in an airtight container in your fridge.

The next day simply re-heat the rice. Cook some veggies, meat, eggs, spices in some butter or oil and add this hot rice to it, stir until well combined and your fried rice is ready!

10. Soaked / Cooked Peas and Pulses.
Cook your Chickpeas, and Pulses in advance and having them in your fridge makes it easy for you to cook your favorite dishes in a jiffy!

Save time and gain weight with these effective meal preparation hacks.

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