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how to measure your height yourself at home with scale

How To Measure Your Height Yourself? – Quick, Simple & Easy Method!

How To Measure Your Height With A Scale – ALL BY YOURSELF!

Hello everyone,

I recently got a message on my Instagram saying that she doesn’t know her height. It was then, I thought of this blog post. I understand that it is not a common practice to know your height. As an Indian girl, my height won’t be measured until I am of the marriage age! So, I wanted to help each of you out there, who don’t know what is your height.

And to maintain a healthy weight, you need to know your ideal weight. For determining your ideal weight, you should definitely know your height and weight. This makes it necessary for one to know your height regardless of whether you’re on a weight gain journey or a weight loss journey.

And the highlight of this post is that you don’t need anybody’s help to measure your height. Yes, you heard it right you can do it ask yourself.

I did it myself months back, and I guess I had no battery on my phone so I didn’t wait and I came up with this method. it was only a few minutes I realized it was quite a popular method that is widely used.

The Quick & Easiest Method to Measure Your Height Yourself!

Things you will need to find your height:

1) A ruler/scale or a measuring tape
2) A Pencil or a marker

Step 1: Grab a pencil or a marker.

Step 2: Stand straight against a wall.

Step 3: Place the pencil on top ( the center) of your head. With firm hands, make a small line Mark on the wall. Be 100% sure that the pencil is held straight to make a mark on the wall.

Step 4: Now, move away and grab a ruler/scale or a measuring tape. Measure and there you have your height. Tip: Convert it in Google to your desired unit of measure. And that is it!

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