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do weight gain results stop after using?
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What Happens When You Stop Taking Apetamin Syrup + The Best Way to Use it for Weight Gain

Do Results from the Apetamin Syrup Stay Afterwards?

Hello everyone,

This post is for everyone who is yet to try Apetamin syrup, wish to try Apetamin syrup, Want to know more about Apetamin and how it works in the long run for maintaining a healthy weight etc.

If you’re new here, I really suggest you read this post where I shared my experience with the Apetamin Syrup and my expectations about the syrup.

In this post, I will tell you what will happen when you stop taking Apetamin after you’ve got your results.

As you know, Apetamin is a multivitamin syrup that helps to gain weight by increasing our appetite. As long as you take Apetamin syrup, your body will have enough appetite for taking a lavish meal every time. But what will happen at once you decide to stop taking Apetamin? We can’t rely on a product forever, right?

What happens when you stop taking Apetamin syrup?

From my experience, I bought a single bottle online for my first trial with Apetamin. And it helped me gain 1.5-2 kilograms in a week By the time I reordered and received the second bottle of syrup, I lost all my results from the first bottle.

That was when it hit me, this is surely not going to work out this way.

So, I found the best way to use the Apetamin Syrup.

For each 2 kilograms weight gain, you will have to buy at least one bottle of the syrup. When you’re buying Apetamin for a weight gain online, always make sure to buy in comparison to the weight you’ve to gain. Eg: if you want to gain 6 kgs, you’ll probably need regular intake of 3 bottles of the Apetamin syrup.

Also, just don’t rely on the appetite that Apetamin contributes. Once your body has started accepting more food, slowly reduce the 3x per day before meals dose to 2x a day and then 1x a day and then not taking it all. This would help yourself to create a natural appetite. MAKE SURE TO GET A STRICT TIME SCHEDULE FOR YOUR REGULAR MEALS. This will help create a great habit.
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    when you used apetamin syrup your way(i mean slowly reducing the dosage),did you loose the weight back or was it permanent?

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