8 Must Have Fruits for Weight Gain!
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8 Best Fruits for Easy Weight Gain

How to Gain Weight with Fruits

In this post, I am sharing with you a list of the best fruits for weight gain. Recently one of my readers asked for fruit recipes for weight gain. Since then, I have noted the topic down. The post is on its way and it is definitely a keeper recipe – I am telling you. Keep an eye on it!

Fruits are the best way to get some calories with no efforts having to spent in meal preparations. When you have absolutely no time/willingness to prepare a meal for yourself, then do not think of skipping the meal. Instead, buy or pack these fruits in your snack box.

If you’re not a meal skipper, great! You can add these fruits as an addition to your current diet and gain weight quick and easy!

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All fruits have almost the same contents like antioxidants, vitamins, water etc. The one thing that can make a difference to your weight is the sugar content of the fruit. The higher the sugar content, the higher the calories you get! However, my list Below is not based on the sugar level. That was just an information I wanted to share with you guys ❤

How to Effortlessly Gain Weight with Fruits!

1. Banana – A single banana has over 100 calories! I have experimented with myself and gained a good amount of weight just because of adding some bananas into my current diet – that too for just a single week. You can check my real experience here. I am sure it will give you enough motivation to start eating bananas.

You can have any banana’s you like – small or large – the mini variety or the usual ones. It is all to your liking. There is no compulsion or anything, it is NOT like either you ‘it’ or simply leave it.

2. Avocado – I personally love avocados. Use it for a smooth & tasty milkshake with some boost or chocolate based energy powder, or make a salad with some chopped avocados, salt, and pepper to your taste. If you like it raw, take a spoon and have it as such!

A cup of Avocado has 240 calories!Try out various recipes with avocados and see which one works for you the best!

2. Dates – Dates are excellent sources of dietary fiber, they are also high in several important minerals too. One great and simple way to have dates is to make it a part of your daily life. Have 3 of them in the morning with some almonds, or have it as a snack, before bed or anyways that suits your lifestyle.

100 grams of fresh dates has over 200 calories. A cup of dried Dates has a high-calorie rate of over 400 calories.

3. Mangoes– Mangoes can be really helpful for weight gain just as bananas do. Make it to a milkshake, have it as such, prepare Mango yogurt (shrikand) or literally any recipe that makes you drool.

A cup of chopped mangoes has about 100 calories in it.

Choose the Right Fruits to Gain Weight Fast

4. Dry Fruits – Dry fruits are the best way to carry fruits on the go. Simply have a stock of it always in your carry bag and have it whenever you feel bored or hungry! 100 grams of dry fruits has a whopping 359 calories!

Tip: Choose your dry fruits mix yourself. Customize it as per your needs and taste preferences right in the store (where you buy them) so that you always have a mind for having it. This makes the task all easy!

5. Some other fruits WORTH considering – 

This list includes guava which has 69 calories in 100 grams of it, passion fruit which has 97 calories in 100 grams of it, Jackfruit which has 95 calories in 100 grams of it, Mangosteen which has 73 calories in 100 grams of it.

I hope this post helps you to choose your fruits wisely in your basket. Let it match with the list and start seeing a remarkable result in your body super soon.

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