How to use Yogurt for Weight Gain?
yogurt for weight gain
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Does Yogurt Works for Weight Gain? + Healthy Yogurt Bark Dessert Recipe with Step by Step Pictures

 No-Cook Weight Gain Dessert Recipe With Yogurt!

Hey everyone,

Have you ever asked yourself the question – does yogurt works for gaining weight or not? Just like any other food, eating yogurt in excess helps you gain weight. Greek Yogurt is Hung Curd in India. 1 cup serving of Greek yogurt has 310 calories.

One of the easy ways to gain weight with yogurt is to mix some sour-less yogurt along with some sugar. You can also make sweet or spicy buttermilk as per your liking. There are plenty of lassi recipes as well. You can try them too.

 Does Yogurt Works For Weight Gain:-

Yogurt Bark is made by freezing Greek Yogurt with a sweetener along with the toppings of your choice. It involves no cooking and the only time taking process is with the freezing part.

And unlike other desserts, it doesn’t have an overdose of sugar and oil. And above all, it’s super healthy (+ tasty) to have.

Apart from this recipe, you can widely use it as a side dish for rice. Add some to your gravies (it reduces the hike in spices if you accidentally added more). Make Smoothies with it, make steamed desserts with it etc.

I got the inspiration for this recipe from a lot of images on weight loss special yogurt barks shared on Instagram. Since then, I made a note on it and was literally waiting for the moment I try it myself – but obviously, I had to make it to a Weight Gain or bulking friendly version.

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This was what I came up with and I literally drool over this recipe. It is just so easy because you need no cooking at all. Who doesn’t like it when you can prepare a delicious recipe with no cooking process involved?

Recipe for Quick, Weight Gain Special Yogurt Bark

1. Greek Yogurt or Sour-less Hung curd
2. Condensed milk or/and sugar
3. Nuts and/or Kellogg’s Muesli Or Cornflakes – I used chocolate cereals
4. Chocolate bites(choco chips) or sprinklers in my home
5. Fruits as per your choice. I used a banana. You can use the berry varieties, mango, pineapple etc as well!
6. Sprinkles – to garnish
7. Peanut Butter – 1 tbsp

Method of preparation:

Step 1: Place the hung curd in a bowl. Make sure to remove as much as the water content of your yogurt. It should be really thick. Beat it to make a smooth lump-less mixture.

If you do not know how to make hung curd, take sour-less yogurt and sieve it through a closely knitted sieve it or cloth (simply leave it there for 30 mins or until the yogurt has to turn into a thick mass. You may also leave it as such in the refrigerator overnight).

Step 2: Add condensed milk and mix really well.

Step 3: Add peanut butter, chocolate, fruits and nuts, cornflakes into it.

Step 4: Give a nice mix. Top with fruits and cereals.

Step 5: Take a baking dish and foil or use a parchment paper. I used an aluminum foil container. Pour the mixture and spread it evenly. (Don’t make it too thick)

Step 6: Freeze for 4 hours or until it is completely frozen.

Garnish with sprinkles and some drizzle of condensed milk!

Cut into triangles and Serve immediately! It is so creamy and tasty. One thing that I want you to know is that it melts in hands that easily so make sure to eat it up as soon you take it out of the fridge 🙂 And I am telling you, yogurt works for gaining weight!

N.B: The yogurt that is easily available to me here is the sour one. They are in much demand here because they are used for preparing gravies and things. Try using the sour-less yogurt you can find.

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