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What Does Krill Oil Do?

What Exactly is Krill Oil?

There are many oils in the market. You must have heard of Coconut oil, sunflower oil, mustard oil, peanut oil, almond oil, olive oil, gingelly oil etc. But have you ever heard of krill oil? Want to know how is krill oil made and what are its uses? Read this post.

As a child, I remember having a fish oil soft get capsule every single day. My mom gives this tablets to me and my elder sister and we have it. Though I hated the bad scent it leaves in my mouth, mom compels me to have it everyday.

Are you looking to buy krill oil online? You may be thinking whether to go for fish oil or Krill oil. Krill oil is derived from krill while fish oil is extracted from fish. Both oils are full of Omega 3. For your cardiovascular health and brain functioning, you need Omega 3. The fatty acids present in Fish Oil like EPA and DHA are important for brain functioning. They even help in reducing inflammation. Krill oil is also gaining a lot of popularity just like fish oil. You may buy krill oil to reduce cholesterol, relieve symptoms of PMT, arthritis, ADHD, boost antioxidant protection of ADHD. The market is full of krill oil capsules and the rates are much cheaper in retail stores. To learn about what krill oil does, read more.

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Krill food: The Strongest Whale Food

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Krill, the whale food, is the strongest form of Omega 3. The oil is derived from shrimp which is the staple food of marine creatures, penguins, seals. After the oil is extracted from krill, it is directly put inside the capsule. Krill oil has a huge medicinal value and there are various reasons why people choose it. It offers a variety of health benefits. They are:

  • It boosts a healthy cholesterol level which in turn lowers the blood pressure. The oil also helps to maintain a healthy heart. HDL level raises by at least 10-15 points with the intake of this oil capsules.
  • Krill oil lowers bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol is directly associated with heart problem and inflammation. If you intake this oil capsules for at least 2 months, you will notice a major drop in bad cholesterol.
  • When compared to the usual fish oil, krill oil is much better. Regular fish oil has almost no effect on your cholesterol level while this oil capsules can bring the cholesterol level under control.
  • If you have a muscular ache, regular intake of krill oil in supplement form can do wonders. If you have pain in the leg, calf or suffer from fatigue, muscle cramp, you can use krill oil. This oil can improve your mobility and relieve pain.

Taking 1000mg krill oil in supplement form can benefit your health in multiple ways. If you want to address joint pain, arthritis, you can intake 2 capsules of 500mg krill oil.

What Can Krill Oil Do?

Krill oil offers a series of benefits. It is powerful enough to reduce the size of lymphoma. It relieves the symptom of gout as well. If there was whiplash injury, krill oil can relieve the pain. It can do the following:

  • Eliminate period cramp
  • If you suffer from fibromyalgia arthritis, it is extremely beneficial.
  • If there are pinched nerves around the hip, this can help a lot
    lessens symptoms associated with arthritis.
  • All manner of muscular cramps, joint pains can be treated well with this. It lowers bad cholesterol while boosts good cholesterol. It is much superior to the products rich in omega 3. The smell of the oil is pretty fishy but it can address arthritis symptoms pretty well.

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