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5 Awesome Cooking Tips and Hints that You Should Definitely Know!

Helpful Cooking Tips and Hints

Hello everyone,
Each of us will get into a situation at any time of our life to prepare our meals. To know the basics of cooking is very important as you might not be always interested to dine outside. Today I’m going to share some helpful cooking tips and hints.

Mostly, cooking consumes a lot of your time in the kitchen. Apart from the cleaning and washing household chores, cooking is the one thing that tops in priority.

I will be sharing some techniques which I personally follow to make the cooking process easy. And when I say cooking, it’s not just the meal preparation but every other work associated with the process of cooking.

These steps can help you save a lot of efforts in running errands and of course your valuable time. And also, these are discussed by me for the novice or a true beginner in the kitchen.

How to Finish your Cooking Chores Easily?

1. Prepare all your ingredients ready and handy.

Before you begin, make sure to wash and cut all the veggies, Soak the rice/peas or any other ingredient well in advance. This helps you save your cooking gas as well.

If you can, keep in mind all the ingredients for the recipe. And bring them near to cooking stove. If you want, you can even take out the necessary spices in a bowl and be ready.

Also, if you’re having a similar way of meal preparation every day you know things better and thus you can grind the paste in advance, chop the things in advance etc.

2. Start the cooking process.
Turn on the gas flame, and start using your ingredients. By the time it gets cooked, you have to do the other chores.

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3. Learn some multi-tasking skills.

If the cooking or the saute-ing process is known to consume some time extra, leave it on a low-medium flame with the lid closed (to make it cook faster and save time) and use this time to wash the dishes or the cutting board or the mixer grinder you have used or is going to use now, also prepare some dishes ready to serve the food. Also, don’t forget to stir your meal in progress after every few minutes (so that it doesn’t burn).

Similarly, every other instance in your cooking which doesn’t demand your 100% concentration can be wisely used to accomplish some other pending tasks related to your cooking. Like, you can use this time to clean the kitchen counter and the utensils.

So once your meal is finally ready to be served you can directly go and enjoy the meal without having to spend an additional amount of time working on the related jobs pending (which is personally so irritating for me!) I am someone who likes the process of cooking and enjoys it a lot, but that doesn’t mean I love to be in the kitchen 24 hours a day! I am someone who makes sure to take each and every step to help myself leave the kitchen as early as possible, once the cooking part is over.

4. Try to use the minimum amount of utensils!

This is something I learned from my mom and this is actually a very important step you must know. Some people are so messy(and ignorant) in the kitchen that they take a small frying pan and begin the cooking at first, then realize that the pan is too small for the contents and now decides to grab a larger pan which means you’ve to wash two frying pans for the exact same purpose. This is an utter waste of time and efforts. So do a little bit of planning and mind work before you begin with cooking.

5. Try to avoid as much as splash, leaks, and mess as well.

Try to be as vigilant as possible in your kitchen. Try to avoid splash, dripping, leakage of oil, liquids etc, getting the spices and flour on the floor and kitchen counter etc. The reason is again to save time and efforts. If you do all these or any of these, ultimately you, yourselves will have to clean everything. So work patiently and carefully while handling your ingredients and everything else.

I hope that was helpful for you, as I said these are the cooking tips and hints I learned from my mom. She taught me how to multitask in the kitchen or else it will prove to be a nightmare for most of us before its too late. So follow these tips and be a pro in the kitchen.

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