How to Gain Weight in One Month Naturally
how to gain weight in one month naturally fast natural healthy weight gain
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How to Gain Weight in One Month?

How To Gain Weight In Just A Month?

We often get that intense desire to gain weight if we have to attend an occasion or a function at a future date. Though it sounds easy, you’ll have to prepared for spending some time on planning your meals and then devote some time to your meal preparation. If you do all these consistently, you’ll surely get to know how to gain weight in a month that too in the most healthy way.

When talking about the must follow weight gain tips, I highly advise you to check this post of mine. Also, make sure that you stay highly motivated until that given function or an event because ultimately it is what – that gives you the results.

Here is a list of 5 Must-Follow Weight Gain Tips that will surely get you the results no matter what.

Now, coming into the topic – here is a real shortcut that can give you the results as easy as possible.

Easy Weight Gain With No Major Changes in Diet!

1) Follow my Miracle Weight Gain remedy for a month.

This remedy has helped many of my readers to gain weight and the best thing is that it shows the results after just a week!

You can read how it helped me gain 1.5 kilograms in a week here.

How To Gain Weight Fast & 1.5 kilograms in a Week!

2) Eat Bananas consistently for a month.
Bananas are known for weight gain. You can eat bananas regularly (without skipping even a single day) for a month BESIDES your current meal intake.

I have myself tried this remedy and gained 2 kilograms in a week!

My 7 day Mini- Banana Weight Gain Challenge + Impressive Results!

For further reading, I suggest you read these posts.

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(Just 4 weeks to discover a healthy you)

3) Consume Milk and milk products for a month. If allergic, take vegan oats milk.

Dairy products have to be your best friend for the given month. I have personally noticed the results after using dairy products consistently in my diet. So I highly suggest you do the same and include them in your diet lavishly. Okay, stay within the daily intake limit though. Never OVERDO it. Here is the list of my favorite dairy products.

Top 5 Dairy Products a Weight Gainer Should Definitely Try!

If you’re lactose intolerant, you may try soy milk, almond milk (You can see a noticeable difference in a few days with it, personally experienced and my favorite recipe), Oats milk etc. Take this No Protein Powder Milk Shake which is exactly my same almond milk recipe.

Healthy Vegan Oats Milk at Home; Recipe!

Easy Homemade Weight Gain Shake Recipe Without Protein Powder; Get Results in Days!

4) If possible, try to find something that can help you increase your appetite.

I have personally tried the below ones. You can find your favorite ways – if you’re someone who prefers home remedies check out this post. If you’re looking for a natural homemade syrup to increase appetite, check one of my recipes here. If you have got no time to make all these, try a store bought syrup that can help you grow your appetite. I’ve personally tried Apetamin Syrup alone in this category. But I have a few suggestions for alternative Weight Gain syrups.

Does Apetamin Syrup help you Gain Weight? My Inspiring Experience; Review!

Is Apetamin Syrup Safe? Alternative Fast Weight Gain Syrups that Works!

What Happens When You Stop Taking Apetamin Syrup + The Best Way to Use it for Weight Gain

5) Five weight gain challenges to try for a month. 

Here’s my another set of weight gain challenges can show the results in a week.

7 MOST effective Ways to Gain Weight in a Week!

Do try all of the remedies I mentioned above religiously for a month, and I guarantee you’ll find a noticeable difference. And now you know, how to gain weight in one month. Let me know your results after a month of trying these weight gain remedies.

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