Do Eggs Makes you Gain Weight : My Results after a Week!
Eggs makes you gain weight
My Weight Gain Journey

Do Eggs Make you Gain Weight – Results of My 3 Eggs for a Week Challenge!

Do Eggs Work for Weight Gain?

Hello everyone

Today I am going to tell you if Eggs makes you gain weight or not. Eggs are a popular ingredient chosen for weight gain as they are rich in protein. I have been taking 3 whole eggs in either the form of an omelette or scrambled eggs or boiled all these 7 days. Many of you might be knowing from Instagram that I was on weight gain challenge for 7 days, taking 3 eggs daily. And today is officially the eighth day and here I’m with the results.

If you’ve also taken part in the challenge after reading my challenge post on Instagram and Facebook, do tell us in the comments how it worked.

My Experiment with Eggs for Weight Gain:

My starting weight was 51 kgs. I was 51.5 after taking ashwagandha for a week just the day before starting this journey. But lost it and my starting weight for this journey was back to the 51 kilograms Mark. In between of both my Ashwagandha challenge and this challenge, you can see me hitting the 52 kilograms Mark. I honestly don’t know what’s happening with that the next day.

The Ashwagandha challenge journal made more sense to me, but this one is so puzzling.

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7 Day Egg Challenge Journal.
Tuesday 51 kg
Wednesday 51 kg
Thursday 51.5 kg
Friday 51 kg
Sat 51 kg
Sunday 52 kg
Monday 51.5 kg

Anyways, when I weighed myself yesterday I was 51.5 and I should end with it. Eating 3 eggs on a go felt a bit heavy task for me in a few days of the challenge. Because I’m much used to eating 2 eggs but not 3 eggs.

As with any of my other 7 day challenges, I took the eggs in addition to my regular diet/ those things I eat on a typical day.

Side Effects I had with the Egg Weight Gain Challenge:

Since I have sinusitis issue, I found it difficult for the phlegm developed. And for this peculiar reason, I was waiting for this challenge to get over quickly.

Last word:
If you’re a healthy person, who doesn’t suffer from a medical condition which can get worse with the consumption of eggs – you can have eggs daily in your routine. A healthy person can take up to 3 whole eggs in a normal case. If you’re more on a budget side, bring down the number to 2 or 1 each day, and try to stick with it for quite some time and you’ll surely see the results. By reading my journal, you must have understood that the eggs makes you gain weight. So definitely try it.

If you are vegetarian and would like to take up a one week weight gain challenge, I have many such challenges on this blog. Simply search for it and you’ll find them. My personal suggestions would be banana, potato, milk, Ashwagandha etc.

Update ( 16/1/19)
Do not consume more than two eggs if you are not physically active in your daily life. I took three eggs continually for more than a week and it affected my sinusitis issue. So I advice to stick with one or two eggs only if you are planning to consume it regularly for more than a week. Otherwise, hit a gym or engage in a physical activity.

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