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Multi-Malt General Tonic Review + Results of My 7 Day Challenge with it!

Multi-Malt General Tonic, Uses & Experience!

Hello everyone,
Today I am going to review the multi-malt syrup which a doctor (I don’t remember if it was allopathic or ayurvedic) prescribed me for gaining weight. Looking at the ingredients I feel it has to be an ayurvedic prescription. You can see it was manufactured in 2015 and was nearing expiry that I decided to finally give it a try.
Since it was to be mixed with milk daily, that too for 2 times – I took it for a day and kept it untouched for the rest of my life. It was when I was thinking of trying some new products and record its effect on my weight for you guys✌, here comes the review of Multi-Malt General Tonic.
Does it happens to you, when you visit a doctor for some other sickness but the doctor feeling pity over your skinny and fatigue body decides to prescribe a medicine something out of his/her free well, just like that?
Besides weight gain, this syrup is also supposed to help you with anemia as well. This helps with dealing fatigues too.
Price – ₹210
Quantity– 450 grams
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Ingredients of Multi-Malt Weight Gain Multivitamin Syrup: 

Meaning of each ingredient in English in the respective order:
Indian rose chestnut
Black pepper.
Long pepper
False black pepper
Fire flame bush
First impressions: The product comes in a brown colored plastic bottle with a screw lid. The syrup is in a dark caramel brown shade. I haven’t tasted the multi malt general tonic alone so far, and hence I can’t comment on the taste. This syrup is supposed to be mixed with milk and then taken two times a day.
Since I have sinusitis, it is recommended for me to reduce the intake of dairy products – I take it only once in a day, and I consume it before my bedtime.

My Experience with the Multi-Malt Multivitamin Syrup:

Coming to my experience with the Multi-malt General tonic, I took it regularly for 7 days starting from Tuesday. I add a tablespoon of this tonic into my glass of lukewarm full cream milk, stir it up and have it without any sugar. For the first day, I added a tablespoon of sugar while I was boiling the milk and the next day I forgot about the sugar and had it as such. Very honestly I didn’t feel any difference with or without milk. It was still easy to consume even if I didn’t add any sugar. It doesn’t have a strong taste or a strong flavor that lingers in your mouth after consumption. I just have my glass of milk and then rinse my mouth thoroughly and I am good to go. Coming to the results, by the end of a week, I gained a kilogram of stable weight which indeed is a huge thing for me as I’m a hard gainer.
Here is my journal for a week of Multi-Malt General Tonic.
Tuesday — 50 Kgs
Wednesday — 50.5 Kgs
Thursday — 51 Kgs
Friday — 51 Kgs
Saturday — 51Kgs
Sunday — 50.5 Kgs
Monday — 51 Kgs
Overall, I did get a good appetite with the help of this tonic. I used to feel a slight burning kind of sensation in my stomach. I am planning to finish this bottle and get the value for my money! To be very honest, I never thought these syrups actually work?! The results from this syrup have really motivated me to have a detailed look at all my medicines I have in store.
N.B: This product is not on a weight gain tag, neither it claims to be one. I have prescribed this medicine for lack of appetite, fatigues and for being thin.

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