Best Cereal to Gain Weight + How to Eat More Cereals to Gain Weight
Eat More Cereals to Gain Weight best cereal to gain weight
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Best Cereal to Gain Weight + How to Have a lot of them in a Go!

How to Eat More Cereals to Gain Weight!

Hello everyone,
The post title may seem so funny/weird or even ridiculous to at least a few of the people who are reading this. But in fact, it is NOT an of these to you, if you are a struggling skinny who fights a battle to gain a kilogram and to maintain it throughout. The best cereal to gain weight would be Muesli because it is less in sugar and more in calories.

And in this blog called “Skinny’s Fitness”, I will be ‘shamelessly’ sharing these sort of posts with ridiculous post title or content which has proved me beneficial and I strongly believe that those tips are going to be helpful for a couple of people right over there.

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So, coming to the content now.

How to Take Cereals to Gain Weight?

My Cornflakes Eating Habits in a Timeline!?

Childhood – During my childhood period, I remember my mom mixing it in a bowl of boiled milk with sugar and a pod of cardamom. I used to have the cornflakes crispy right when it is poured into the milk and no wonder, I would be struggling with the rest (read, most )of the milk left in my bowl.

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Teens– It was almost the same thing as it was in my childhood. The only point – I tried to concentrate on drinking the leftover milk as well because now I know milk is healthy for me and it will be really beneficial if I have it my tummy asap.

Present: Okay, I seriously don’t know if this was how a man is supposed to eat cornflakes in their life. if it was so, please excuse me for my negligence. In case, this is a new invention or that you didn’t know it before, you got to thank me for this! Like, seriously!

How to Consume for Cereals to Gain Weight Fast!

How I found it out!

It was a month before, where I bought the Gaia Muesli. I used to have a mug of milk right before bed. So I thought to have the Muesli with it as well. It was a ritual, I would take my cup of milk and the Muesli jar in front of the TV. I would be enjoying my favorite TV show and would be waiting for the milk to cool down. So one day, I accidentally mixed in a lot of Muesli (than what I used to have regularly till then) into my cup and ‘left it cool down’. That was the eureka moment in fact. That cup of Muesli was the ‘BEST ever’ one I had tasted so far then.

The highlight is that all the lovely flavors of the Muesli was extracted from the milk and the milk was tasting even more delicious!

So the next time you are going to eat Muesli or cornflakes, make sure to dump it in milk to soak for 3-5 minutes and then have it as usual. That would be a delicious one – I promise!

So, do try this method and let me know how it worked for you. This is to help you eat MORE Muesli or cornflakes in a go. If this helped, you definitely share this blog and the post by itself among your friend’s circle.

Update 15/1/19 I am still following the exact same tips and I should say it works like a charm. There is no more hassle to finish the bowl for me. Recommending it to every picky eater and slow eaters who wants to get rid of the habit.

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