Special Weight Gain Tea Recipe
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How to Prepare a Weight Gain Tea at Home

Special Weight Gain Tea at Home

Hello everyone,

Recently I tried a weight gain Butter coffee recipe on this platform. Since then I have been searching or trying to figure out a weight gain tea recipe as well as not many people love coffee as much as their cup of tea. And finally, I made a weight gain version of our morning luck starter – tea!

How To Make Butter Coffee at Home for Fast Weight Gain

Ingredients to Make

Weight Gain Milk Tea:

1. Milk powder -2 Tsp
2. Sugar -2 Tsp
3. Tea bag -1
3. Fresh cream or dairy cream -1 tsp
4. Condensed milk -1 tsp
5. Water-1 cup

Let’s start preparing the Weight Gain Milk Tea:

Step 1: Boil a cup of water in a saucepan and add the Sugar.
Step 2: Dilute the fresh cream in some water If necessary.
Step 3: Move the boiled water with sugar to a cup, add the tea bag, condensed milk, cream, and milk powder.
Step 4: Mix well, foam it a little by moving the tea from a cup to another for a couple of times.

This is weight gain a special tea recipe. If you like to gain weight and add in some extra calories right from the start of the day, you got to try this tea. Don’t forget to inform the feedback to me as well. Also, don’t forget to
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