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Weight Gain Diet

How To Gain Weight On A Vegan Diet – with Detailed Diet Plan!

A Vegetarian Diet Plan To Gain Weight

Hello everyone,
Hope you’re all doing very well. Today I’m going to tell you how to gain weight on a vegan diet. I hope it turns out beneficial for you, and if it did, then pls don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and follow me on Instagram and Facebook as well. My Instagram handle is @skinnyzblog.

Vegans often have a tough time gaining weight with the options provided for them. In this post I will be giving a detailed diet plan which a vegan can follow for weight gain and get the best results. If you can eat more the recommendations below, well that’s fine too. It will just help you reach your weight gain goal earlier.

Diet plans do not work miracles overnight. One has to be really consistent with the efforts and results would come for you soon. Do not get upset seeing no results in the first few days. As i said, give sometime, be consistent and hopeful, you will get the results.

It’s always recommended to start your day early because the earlier you wake up – the more time you have in your hand to have more food 🙂 I have a detailed post addressing the same, you can use the search bar to find it out.

N.B: I’m just giving you a rough idea on what food you should be focusing. Feel free to make the necessary changes as per your taste and comfort.

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How to Gain Weight Vegan Style

Early Morning
1 cup of tea/coffee – (I suggest trying this Butter coffee if you are not a vegan) If you are a vegan, try adding some oats milk or soya milk in your cup and see if it tastes good for you.
5 dates
10 Almonds

4-5 Hashbrowns/5-6 Pancakes
1 glass of almond milk/soy milk/oats milk
1 banana

3 Cups of cooked and sauteed Rice/Pulao ( Try various rice recipes like fried rice, simple vegetable-based pulao etc)

Lentil soup ( My Recipe here)
1 small bowl of Yogurt( if you’re not a vegan) /Curd with seasonings of your choice

1 glass of fresh fruit juice (preferably with these weight gain fruits) – Choose fleshy fruits like mango and apple over banana and grapes for example.

6-7 Butter cookies or 2-3 pieces of brownies (try a vegan recipe)

3-4 medium-sized Roti or flatbread/ bread with soya chunks or Paneer gravy

How to Gain Weight as a Vegetarian


-Feel feel to substitute the curry with various types of Lentils or pulses.

– You can also try tofu if you wish.

– Use potatoes, carrots and Tapiocas in your diet widely as they are rich in carbohydrates.

– Use healthy oils like coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil etc on moderate levels. Do not overuse them.

– Use watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds etc in your diet.

– You SHOULD have 5 meals per day, no matter what!

– Take smaller portions of the meal if you can’t eat a large portion at a single time.

READ the post on my dietician’s tips for more information regarding what to eat in your day.

Do not worry because even if you’re a vegan, there are plenty of options to gain weight. Be consistent with your intake because diet plans don’t work overnight.

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