High Calorie, Cheesy Mashed Potato Casserole Recipe for Weight Gain
cheesy mashed potato casserole recipe for weight gain
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High-Calorie Potato & Cheese Casserole Recipe for Weight Gain!

Cheesy Mashed Potato Casserole Recipe

Hello everyone,
I’m back with yet another recipe for weight gain.This one is a baked dish with potatoes and cheese, making it very rich in calories and taste. Do try this cheesy mashed potato casserole recipe and let me know how it worked for you.

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Ingredients for Easy Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes- as needed
Tomatoes -2 medium
Garlic -2-3 cloves
Olive oil
Mozeralla Cheese- as required
Water- to boil the potatoes
Chilly powder -1/2 tsp
Salt -to taste
Sugar – 1/2 tsp
Oregano-1/2 tsp

Preparation Method of Mashed Potatoes Recipe:

Step 1: wash and peel the potatoes. Roughly cut them into pieces and boil them in plenty of water, until it is soft. Sieve and keep it aside until well cooled.

Step 2: Mash the potatoes slightly(or as your preference) and move this a greased disposable aluminum foil container. You can use some teaspoons of olive oil to Grease the pan. Spoon the potatoes evenly in the dish.

Step 3: Now let us make a quick pizza sauce. Take a saucepan and heat on medium flame. Add some olive oil, chopped garlic, and tomatoes. Saute until the tomatoes turn mushy. Add the chilly, salt, sugar and oregano. Finally, add some water and cook for some 3-4 minutes. When the water is only a little bit left in the pan, remove from heat and use a stick blender to make it a smooth paste.

Step 4: Add these sauce over to the potatoes. Top it with lots of mozzarella cheese and a dash of olive oil to the sides. Bake on a preheated oven at 180°C until the cheese is melted evenly or browned.

A lot of you have been asking me for easy weight gain recipes. Do try this Potatoe Recipe and comment below your feedback.

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