Learn How to Gain Weight When Nauseous!
gain weight when nauseous
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How To Eat Food When You Are Nauseous

How to Stop Nausea Fast?

Hello everyone,

I can’t tell you in words how much difficult it was for me to eat some food because of the frequent nauseatic sensation. I have literally thought whether I had an underlying medical issue to be addressed because it was that severe. Sadly, medical help didn’t work.

It is a very common problem that we find it difficult to eat food when you have a vomiting tendency may be due to acidity or any other issues. So here is how you can gain weight when nauseous. Personally, there used to be days in my life when I would wake up and the thought of having breakfast gives me nausea. I still don’t know why is it so. Buy I wish I knew of this technique earlier.

When you have this nause tendency, you will start dreading the thought of having food. Unless the food suits my taste buds that perfectly I would always have this issue. With the tips I am going to share in this post, you can easily overcome the issue of not able to eat enough food. If you are fed of trying various things for treating this problem and have got no major effective results, try this method and I hope this gives you results just like how it did for me.

This method I’m going to share with you guys have no artificial or natural remedies involved. It is a just a simple tip which you should try yourself.

And this is how I knew of it. The other day I was in the hospital, the nurses were waiting For me to eat breakfast so that they can provide me with the medicine. I kept on saying them that I am nauseated and I can’t have my breakfast. I did this for 2 or 3 times after which the dietician came in and advised me to start having the food in this manner instead of skipping the food altogether. She also warned me that otherwise, I would have acidity related issues. Since I dare the word ‘acidity’ so much, I started having the food in the same way she mentioned and voila, it did the trick!

And then I knew, I have to share it with you guys immediately.

This remedy requires no medicine and you could do it safely.

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That first one thing that you have to do is to have your meal ready. Grab a spoon to take a portion of the mean and have it. or have a bite of the food and have a bite. ‘Always eat in smaller portions ‘instead of trying to have them on a go. Take it little by little or bite by bite, giving enough time for yourself in between each meal.

If you decide to skip the meal just because you are nauseated one of the below things happen for sure:
1) you lose weight.
2) you will feel bloated.

So instead of skipping the meal altogether, the next time you have this issue simply divide your food into smaller portions and have them little by little. And this truly works!

Try it and do come back to let me know how it worked for you! This is how to gain weight even if you’re nauseous.

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  • pravin

    I am currently following a trick like having a fruit first thing in the morning.. and then my appetite gets bigger.. whenever I feel like to not have food I used to have a fruit.. will post my update if I can benefit wit this in the long run

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