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What To Know About Protein Powder!

One Thing You Should Definitely Know About Protein Powders You Have at Home!

This post is on that one thing you should definitely know about protein powder. Especially if you’re someone who lacks the motivation to gain weight even after buying a pack of mass gaining powder, bulking friendly powder, protein powder etc. This was the second time it happened to me and I feel very much obliged to warn you guys about the same.

If you’re new to the world of protein powders, please read this post fully so that you don’t repeat my mistakes!

My First Blunder with Protein Powder:

It was with my endura mass gainer. I have reviewed it here and shared a few recipes to make the milk taste better as well. It was the first time I knew the powder/the content solidifies to never ever return to the previous powder state.

It was when I stopped using the Endura Mass gainer for 1 or 2 months together. I even forgot the existence of it. When I opened the lid after I remembered about the mass gainer it was a solid mass in the bottle and I was pretty shocked. Initially, I thought I didn’t close the lid of the endura mass gainer tightly. I got an idea and I took the small mixer grinder jar and the junks of the endura gainer was put into it and blended it to a powder! Hurray! I thought I succeeded at making it edible again. But I was wrong. The next day, I opened the jar it was the same condition as before. A whole Mass of Endura Mass Gainer in the bottle.

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The Second Time I Messed up My Protein Powder:

I bought the Protinex Protein powder for trying out. I have shared my first impression of the Protinex powder here. Unlike the first time, it wasn’t due to my forgetfulness the Protinex turned into a rock form. Because with this one, I have been purposefully ignoring its existence in my home due to its bad taste and the vomiting experience! It was already a few months when I finally gathered some courage to finish the tub no matter what. But, when I opened the jar I got a glimpse of my dad shouting at me for wasting his hard earned money! (which he did after a few days :D)

So dear readers I badly want you to use the Protin powder or similar powders before a time schedule. As soon as you open it, make sure to strictly follow the regime and have the powder daily as per the daily intake limit.

N.B : Always try to use up the protein powder in the timeline it says.

Always use dry spoon for usage.

Make sure to close the lid of the Protein powder tighlty, back after usage.

Store the bottle in a cool and dry place.

If you don’t like the taste of the Protein powder or any similar powder, try to make a milkshake with ice/chilled milk + cocoa/vanilla. Adding ice helps you to numb your taste buds and you can use this time to gulp down the shake.

Try to make a reminder in your Phone so that you don’t miss it out.

Additional Tip: I recently read a comment on YouTube which addresses the same issue and one user suggested to powder the hard protein powder using a blender and store that in an airtight container, saving it in your fridge. He/she says that it works.

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