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Hello everyone,

I wanted to sit down and share a few things with few. Of late, I have been writing a lot of recipe posts which you can cook or prepare in no time. My intention to share these weight gain recipes are not for the sake of simply posting something. I am doing it for your own benefits.

When I share recipes, I focus on two things mainly. One thing is that it should be done in less time. And the other thing is that I want them to be customized for the skinny gang do I try to put in those ingredients which are rich in calories!

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Healthy Weight Gain Recipes on Skinny’s Fitness Blog

I highly suggest you go through the tag ‘weight gain recipes‘ or simply go to the archives page to check all the easy recipes that you can cook for yourself.

Other than the meal recipes or the starter kind of recipes I share, I also have shared dessert’s recipes and dip recipes. The reason why I share the dip recipes is different. Example, we usually take in the veggies as such – it is indeed healthy! But why not to prepare a quick side dish like hummus ( an Arabian chickpea paste) which boosts the calories level to its best?

Some other dip recipes are:

Simple Garlic Aioli Recipe with Mayonnaise Recipe!

Tasty, Hot Cheese Dip For Nachos & Potato Chips!

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So make sure to acquire maximum benefits out of the recipes I am sharing with you guys.

I hope you are finding the posts useful. Do let me know the feedback.

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