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Does Waking Up Early Helps To Gain Weight?

Does Waking Up Late Make You Fat?

Hello everyone,

Someone of you used to ask me on Facebook does our waking up time has any effect on weight gain or not. So this post is going to answer the question with my own experience of having an early wake-up routine and a messed up one. Continue reading this post to know if waking up early helps to gain weight or not.

The relationship between Sleep

and Weight Gain!

When I used to wake up at 11 or 12 am!

The problem with this wake-up time, it is already noon. I wake up with the usual guilt of waking up very late. I will be having literally no appetite, so having the lunch (my lunch is typically rice every day) will be just for the name’s sake. Every other meal of the day will be delayed. The thing to be noted is that I have like zero appetite! Also, my physical activities will be zero when I wake up at this time. I will be literally lazying around and wasting the day. So, waking up early helps to gain weight? Let us find out.

Waking Up Early Helps To Gain Weight

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Benefits of Waking Up Early!

When I used to wake up at 6 am regularly.

The obvious thing, waking up at this time for a late riser like me was a very very difficult thing to accomplish. I would keep a lot of alarms on a row, or probably even I would keep alarms for 2.30 am, 3.30 am, 4.30 am all this to wake myself up at 6 am! The little relief that I feel when the alarm rings at 2.30 am, at the realization that I have a few more hours to sleep is beyond words 😛

Okay coming to the experience, I wake up hungry like a beast! No jokes. I get up, freshen myself, engage in the activities of preparing a heavy breakfast, engage in some physical activities, have lunch on whenever I am free, and the rest of the things are usually on time.

This experience is something quite different for a late riser.

So in short, I suggest you become an early riser, prepare your food yourself rather than depending on store-bought products and ultimately have a great appetite and good physical exercise right in your schedule. And now you know if waking up early helps to gain weight or not.

Update : Since the last few days I have been waking up at 3.30 AM and guess what, by the time the breakfast is served I will be hungry like never before.

Everybody’s system is different. Some people have the appetite right when they wake up in the morning. Unfortunately, I’m not one who belongs in that category. From experience, I could figure out that I feel hungry only when I am awake a few hours before my usual time for breakfast ( Not everyday, but majority of the days this is applicable). So if you’re someone who is having the same issue, I suggest you to wakeup a few minutes before well in hand and see how it works for you.

Obviously you don’t need to wakeup at that early as mine. Pick up a wake-up time according to your lifestyle, work and sleeping time. You shouldn’t mess with the sleeping hours to try this out. Make sure you get the right amount of sleep for your system.

If you’re someone like me who have a tough time waking up in the morning, ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO HIT THE BED EARLY. This will help tremendously.

If you have tried any of the tips I have shared on the blog and found it helpful, please share a testimonial about your experience and I would be happy to share it with the world. Simply send a DM on Instagram or shoot an email, along with your name and location.

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