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deliciously roasted potato wedges for weight gain
Weight Gain Routine

Garlic Potato Wedges for Weight Gain

Roasted Potato Wedges Recipe

Hello everyone,

From today onwards, I’m on a weight gain challenge with potatoes for a week. And today, I tried this simple garlic potato wedges for weight gain and it was tasting awesome. If you are a new reader, please take some time to check out my archives page to know more effective weight gain tips.

You can have this roasted garlic wedges along with a piece or two of buttered toast and an omlette, making it a filling breakfast. Potato being such a versatile ingredient, it can go side by side with almost anything.

Usually garlic wedges are made in the oven, you’ll have to preheat and then wait until the potatoes are cooked, making it more time consuming. Hence, I found this easy roasted version which takes much less time and are easy to prepare.

According to your taste preference, you can change the amount of garlic you are putting into the recipe.

As a childhood girl who loves cooking, I have always omitted the ingredient called ‘garlic’ in any recipes I am going to try, just because I’m so lazy to peel them! But as a grown up girl, I have got addicted to this flavoursome ingredient so much that I almost always peels them in the free time and store it in the fridge. All thanks to the awesome – pizza hut garlic potatoes 🙏

I have also shared the recipes of potato Omlette, mashed potato etc on my blog. Feel free to use the search bar you see right under the blog header to type in and get them easy!

I suggest you to prepare this on a non stick pan, because the potatoes being a starchy star will stick to the non stick pans and make it a mess. You’ll have to leave it untouched for sometime only then it can ‘roast’. So better to use the non stick pan – that makes not only the stirring process easy but also the dish washing process quick as well.

If you want to consume potatoes daily, always give the first preference to boiled kinds, then to the roasted variety and finally the deep fried variant. It’s always good to eat on a moderation rather than to overdo it. Some gets acidity related issues when they eat potatoes. So be careful and cautious before planning to have it everyday. Once in two days or three days is absolutely fine and that’s the best way I suggest for weight gain. Otherwise eat on a moderate level say, 50-100 grams everyday.


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Tasty Potato Wedges for Weight Gain

Potatoes – 2 large
Butter – 2 tbsp
Garlic cloves – 2 or 3

Preparation Method of Roasted Potato Wedges Recipe:

Step 1: Heat a pan on medium flame. Add the butter into it.
Step 2: Add some garlic cloves.
Step 3: Add potato wedges into it and saute it for a minute. Now add the salt and pepper to your taste.
Step 4: Close the pan and cook for 5-7 minutes stirring once and while until roasted.
Step 5: Serve the potato wedges hot on a plate.

I have heard that potatoes leads to weight loss due to the presence of the complex carbohydrates present in it. Just like any other fruit/veggie I believe that it truly depends on the eating habits of the person concerned. If he/she wants to gain weight but eats on a moderate level as a substitute to his/her regular meals – it won’t work. Similarly, if the person who wishes to lose weight eats potatoes on moderation as a snack in addition to his/her regular meals, he is likely to gain more weight! So use according to your requirements.

It tastes so delicious and I guarantee you that. You can replace butter with ghee or oil of your choice. You can add cheese shavings on top of the hot potato wedges if you prefer. Stay tuned for more weight gain recipes using potatoes.

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