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10 Healthy Snacks To Put On Weight

Healthy Snacks List to Gain Weight

Hello everyone,

In this post, we are going to see some healthy snacks to put on weight efficiently. I am recovering back from the depression stage slowly but once in a while, the anxiety attacks shot a go. But I’m thankful that my mental health is getting better. I never truly realized the need to have a great mental peace until I truly messed it up, though for the first time.

Okay, coming back to the post. Let us see some really great healthy snacks to put on weight. We usually think that healthy snacks are not tasty but actually, it’s not true. Healthy snacks can be made tasty to your taste buds and you can use them to gain extra weight.

Snacks are truly rewarding especially if you want to gain weight. You must have heard how the people who wishes to lose weight, crave for some delicious snacks yet stays away from it because there’s so much fat and calories in it. There are both healthy and unhealthy snacks. Always and always prefer to use healthy snacks over the unhealthy varieties.

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Snacks List To Increase Weight:-

Healthy snacks on the Go!

1. Peanuts/Almonds/Cashewnuts/Walnuts

100 grams of Peanuts has 567 calories.100 grams of almonds has 576 calories. And 100 grams of Cashewnuts has 553 calories. 100 grams of walnuts has 654 calories! Choose these nuts over pecans which have low-calorie value.

2. Dried fruits like dates, raisins, prunes, and apricots

100 grams of dates has 282 calories.100 grams of raisins has 299 calories. 100 grams of prunes has 240 calories.100 grams of apricots has 241 calories and 100 grams of figs has calories. Unlike figs, these dried fruits have high-calorie value and thus, choose these dried fruits over the others.

3. Baked/Fried Potato Chips or French fries.

100 grams of homemade potato chips has 189 calories. 100 grams of French fries has 312 calories in it. Try to have the homemade version of both of these as you can be 100% sure that there are no harmful additives. Also, potatoes are super rich in carbohydrates but simply looking at one nutritional value of a food item, you can say it’s healthy. So eat them in moderation.

4. Rice/Milk Pudding
Prepare some rice pudding in milk or have a bowl of delicious milk pudding made with some milk, evaporated or condensed milk and some whipping cream or fresh cream. These are a great way to get a lot of calories in just a single spoon!

5. Cheesecakes with healthy ingredients.
Because why not cheesecakes? Cheesecakes are super rich in calories for the presence of ingredients like cream, condensed milk, milk and cream cheese. They make it a very calorie rich dish but make sure not to go overboard.

6. Sago Dishes
Sago or tapioca pearls are a byproduct from tapioca. 100 grams of cooked sago has 38 kilocalories. Sago needs a bit of pre-cooking preparations of soaking but it tastes so delicious and is healthy in moderation.

7. Tuna fish dishes
Tuna fish is available in canned containers in the market. If you can’t source these in fresh, you can get the canned version and they are truly handy as a core ingredient of a gravy or a sandwich meal. You can even try to make rice dishes or Omelette with them.

8. Roasted Chickpeas or Chickpeas salad.
100 grams of chickpea has 150 calories. Prepare delicious chickpeas salad at home or even make the roasted Chickpeas in your oven. They taste so delicious and can be a healthy snack while you work, watch TV or just chills around.

9. Lentil soup or Lentil pancakes or Lentil Patties/cutlets
100 grams of lentil has 116 calories. You can prepare delicious soup with lentils and also you can prepare lentil pancakes or Lentil cutlets at home.

10. Eggs

100 grams of boiled eggs has 115 calories. You can prepare omelettes, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, poached eggs, mix it with other ingredients. Try to have at least an egg daily in your diet regularly.

So that was a list of healthy snacks to put on weight.

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