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About Me

Want to know about the creator of this place?

I am Sana, 22 years old and 5.4″ tall. I weigh a mere 99 pounds (January, 2017). Beyond all the woes of those who desperately want to lose weight, there are a set of people who are struggling every bit to gain a pound!! My story is no different and that is the reason why I decided to start my own blog. You are reading this on my weight gain journey blog which I have made for all the girls who are on the same track as mine.

In case if you are wondering, what will you find over here- it is basically my weight gain regime, those things that have helped & does not help me, yummy weight gain recipes, health & fitness posts etc. Most of my posts will be having a personal touch of my experience and lifestyle so if you are looking for general posts, this blog might not be so much of help to you.

I will be giving my weight gain update at the end of each month.

Here are Five Skinny Facts about me ?

1) I am the tallest (and lean too) among my friends’ circle and in most of my photos with them, you could see me slanting towards them ?

2) If I keep my arms hanging I could see the blue nerves bulging out!

3) I am one of those who has a flat stomach(like always) but still doesn’t feel over the moon! Though that is the only benefit I have seen of being a skinny ? I too hate a bulging stomach.

4) if I am lying down on the floor, the friction with my hip bones is scary like anything!

5) I always feel that my wrist size is stagnant since I was a newborn: P

You can read more about my reasons to go for a weight gaining journey here and my weight gain goals here.

I truly hope you find my blog useful.